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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

✈ FlyBosnia Summer timetable 2020

Note: Flight schedule was completed before the coronavirus pandemic outbreak

As of today (March 31, 2020) FlyBosnia is on schedule to relaunch all operations in June of 2020 (pending coronavirus pandemic control and Governments travel advisories).
FlyBosnia destination map (summer 2020)

FlyBosnia is planing to lease two more Airbus 319 aircraft (for a total of three A319) for summer schedule beginning in the last week of the month of May. The airline has scheduled following destinations:

FlyBosnia number of flights by the month and destination

FlyBosnia number of seats offered by the month and destination

Source: Flying Bosnian

✈FlyBosnia Rome-Sarajevo rescue flight!

On March 27th, FlyBosnia operated a rescue flight from Rome to Sarajevo on behalf of Bosnian Government, bringing stranded Bosnian citizens back home from Italy. Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the repatriation of Bosnian citizens from Italy was successfully implemented for the first time in history at the initiative of Bosnia and Herzegovina Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bisera Turković.
Bosnian citizens were successfully returned to our country after being “stuck” in Italy during a coronavirus pandemic, and a decision to return them home was made by the Bosnian Government. Flight price of 50.000 Bosnian Marks (25.000) was paid by the Government. Most of the 47 passengers on the flight were minors who were in Italy due to the sporting event, but due to majority of flights from Italy being canceled they could not make it back home to Bosnia. It was urgent and necessary to  bring the minors back home and unite them with their families. In this case the Government did the right thing in protecting its citizens and helped when help was really needed.

47 Bosnian citizens flew directly from Rome to Sarajevo, all passengers and airline stuff were dressed in personal protective suits and were required to wear masks and gloves. The airplane was completely disinfected according to the World Health Organization procedures.

Source: Flying Bosnian

✈Bosnian Airports temporarily closed as of today!

The Bosnian government has decided to temporarily close all four international  airports in the country for passenger travel from March 30. due to coronavirus pandemic.
“Airports will be closed for all passenger traffic from March 30. The reason airports stayed opened until yesterday is due to many Bosnian citizens returning home after being stuck around the world airports due to coronavirus pandemic and for delivery of the equipment that will help Bosnia and Herzegovina in the fight against the coronavirus,” Bosnian prime minister Zoran Tegeltija said. After March 30tt  the airports will remain open for cargo and medical flights only, he added.

Closed Airports:
  • Banja Luka International Airport (BNX)
  • Mostar International Airport (OMO)
  • Sarajevo International Airport (SJJ)
  • Tuzla International Airport (TZL)

Bosnian Government also amended the decision on the conditions for entry of foreign citizens into Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to this amendment, all foreign citizens are barred from entering the country unless they are diplomats or medical staff or foreign staff that will work in Bosnia on mitigating the coronavirus pandemic. 
If you are foreign citizen currently in Bosnia and Herzegovina and need help, please contact your embassy or diplomatic mission. List of foreign embassies and diplomatic missions in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Source: Flying Bosnian and Bosnian Goverment

Thursday, March 12, 2020

✈Ryanair postponed the launch of Vienna-Banja Luka flights

Ryanair has postponed the launch of Vienna-Banja Luka flights to May. Originally flights were scheduled to be inaugurated on March 30, but due to corona virus outbreak the airline had to postpone the launch for May 1st. Flights are scheduled to operate by Lauda Air.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

✈Sarajevo Airport registers February decline

In February Sarajevo Airport passenger numbers decline by 2% or 1.161 passengers less than year before. Number of flights declined by 9% or 75 flights less compared to the same month of the last year. Due to corona virus pandemic we will see passenger numbers going down drastically in coming months, since many airlines are canceling and reducing flights.

Source: Flying Bosnian and SIA

✈FlyBosnia suspends Rome flights

FlyBosnia has suspended all flights between Sarajevo, Mostar and Rome due to the corona virus outbreak. Flights are scheduled to resume on May 4th if the pandemic is under control. The airline currently operates two weekly flights from Sarajevo to Rome with one weekly stop in Mostar.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Monday, March 9, 2020

✈Aegean Airlines suspends Athens-Sarajevo flights

Airlines across the globe have been suspending flights or modifying service in response to the corona-virus outbreak. Athens is first destination from Sarajevo to be affected, but unfortunately, we will see more flight cuts in response to the accelerated spread of the corona-virus.
Aegean Airlines has decided to cancel summer seasonal flights between Athens and Sarajevo  due to corona-virus outbreak. Aegean Airlines introduced two weekly flights last year (from June 13 until September 14, 2019). With successful season in the year before, in 2020 the airline extended flying season until October (planed flight schedule was from May 26. to October 8). In 2019 majority of the passenger were transfer from Aegean’s wide network. The airline is planning its return to Sarajevo in summer of 2021.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Friday, March 6, 2020

✈Tuzla Airport - 2020 Summer flight schedule

Tuzla International Airport will not see any major changes in upcoming Summer Timetable of flights, when compared to the last summer season. 16 destinations in seven countries will be served during summer timetable.  Only destination with significant flight increases is  Antalya (Antalya airport will see charter flights go up by 106%). Bosnian travel agency based in Tuzla “Golden Tours” is selling vacation packages to Antalya region in Turkey. Total of 31 round trip flights are on offer between Tuzla and Antalya, compared to just 15 last year. A total of 5.580 seats are on offer from June 06, to September 22. Turkish charter airline Freebird Airlines will operate the flights using Airbus 320 aircraft with cabin configuration to seat 180 passengers in all economy class.

Wizz Air will bring back its three routes that were suspended at the beginning of winter timetable in November. Three seasonal routes being reintroduced are: Billund, Stockholm-Skavsta and Växjö. Tuzla Airport is expecting to renew partnership contract with Wizz air for new term of four years. The contract is due to expire in June of this year.
In a new four-year contract between Wizz Air and Tuzla Airport, both sides have to fulfill following:
  • Wizz Air stays the sole airline operator at the airport.
  • ILS approach lights must be extended from current 720 meters to 920 meters to meet ILS-1 approach guidelines
  • Tuzla Airport will continue with terminal building upgrades, priority being installation of a baggage carousel
  • Wizz Air will station one more Airbus 320 at the airport during 2021
  • Wizz Air will open new routes from Tuzla (possible new routes are Abu Dhabi International Airport*, Paris-Beauvais Airport, Milan-Bergamo and reintroduction of London-Luton)

Abu Dhabi International Airport* - Wizz Air Abu Dhabi has taken a step towards launch, with a date now being revealed for the launch of the new airline. If all goes to plan, we should see the new Middle East carrier begin service in third quarter of 2020. Bosnia and Herzegovina is being mentioned as one of the destinations out of Abu Dhabi by Wizz Air. The airline is considering flights to either Tuzla or Sarajevo from its new hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Thursday, March 5, 2020

✈Sarajevo - Persian Gulf region summer 2020 network

Gulf region destination map from Sarajevo
Sarajevo International Airport will see another solid year when comes to connectivity to countries in Persian Gulf region. The airport will see Kuwait Airways launching flights from Kuwait City and flynas from Gassim. Flynas will significantly increase number of flights from Riyadh and Jeddah, extending flying season to the end of September. Flydubai is the only airline from the Gulf region that will see major flight decreases, due to the fleet shortage caused by grounding of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. 
Last summer season Flydubai operated three daily flights from Dubai to Sarajevo, while this summer season the airline will operate only one daily flight from Dubai to Sarajevo. Flydubai flights are operated in cooperation with Emirates, offering wide range of connections on Emirates network out of Dubai. 
FlyBosnia will operate same number of destinations in Persian Gulf region as it did last year. Riyadh is the only destination with less flights when compared to the last year. Last year, FlyBosnia operated daily flights from Sarajevo to Riyadh from mid-June to the end of September, while this summer season the airline will operate three weekly flights from June 03, to September 06.
Due to Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak, changes to flight schedules and flight cancellations are very likely.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

✈Tuzla Airport statistics for February 2020

Tuzla Airport new terminal building

Tuzla International Airport has registered strong growth during February, after it recorded negative results in January. Total of 36.438 passengers used the airport last month, representing an increase of 18,9% or 5.780 passengers more. Year to date airport recorded 71.626 passengers, an increase of 6,9% or 4.627 passengers more. Last month Wizz Air reintroduced its two-weekly service to Karlsruhe as year-round destination. In February, Wizz Air offered a total of 40.320 seats on 224 flights. Cabin load factor during February stood at 90,37%.
Source: Flying Bosnian

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

✈ New VFR routes chart of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA) is publishing an updated version of “VFR Chart with Recommended Routes of Bosnia and Herzegovina” with an effective date 27.02.2020. The new version of VFR chart replaces the existing one which has been in force since 30.07.2018. and and its content is fully compliant with current aeronautical publications.
VFR chart with recommended routes of Bosnia and Herzegovina is designed to serve as a basic flight ticket to fly the aircraft in accordance with Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and for pre-flight planning.
The chart in PDF format is available to all users of the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the following web address:
The using of aeronautical information from the  “VFR chart with recommended routes of Bosnia and Herzegovina” is the sole responsibility of the user. The users must always check the latest version of the applicable aeronautical information published through the elements of the Integrated Aeronautical Information Package (IAIP), consisting of:
-           Aeronautical Information Publication of Bosnia and Herzegovina (AIP); 
-           Amendment to the AIP (AIP AMDT);
-           Supplement to the AIP (AIP SUP);
-           NOTAM and Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB);
-           Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC);
-           Checklists and lists of valid NOTAMs.
Source: Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA)

✈Banja Luka Airport - 2020 Summer flight schedule

Banja Luka International Airport will see its busiest summer in history. At the beginning of summer timetable Ryanair will introduce new destination to the city, Vienna will be operated twice weekly beginning March 30th , but same time the airline will discontinue its two weekly service from Stockholm Skavsta Airport due to Ryanair’s base closure at Stockholm Skavsta Airport.

Air Serbia will maintain five weekly flights to Belgrade using ATR-72 aircraft. Air Serbia will also operate charter flights to Antalya and Athens. Total of 20 round trip flights are scheduled to Antalya in Turkey and 9 round trip flights to Athens in Greece. After very successful charter season last summer, travel agency Kontiki travel is increasing its charter flights offer from last year’s 15 round trip flights to this year’s 29 round trip flights. Banja Luka airport is expecting to handle 200.000 passengers this year.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Monday, March 2, 2020

✈ Ljubljana-Sarajevo air transport statistics for 2019

During 2019 Adria Airways transported a total of 21.975 passengers between Ljubljana and Sarajevo, representing a decrease of 0,87% or 194 passengers less. Due to bankruptcy the airline operated its last flight between Ljubljana and Sarajevo on September 15th, 2019. after operating the route for 22 years. Currently there is no air link between Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Sunday, March 1, 2020

✈Sarajevo Airport 2020 summer timetable news

  • Adria Airways went bankrupt in September of 2019 and ceased all operation. The airline operated daily flights to Sarajevo with Bombardier CRJ-900 Aircraft. During 2019 Adria Airways transported 21.795 passengers between Ljubljana and Sarajevo. With Adria Airways bankruptcy Bosnia-Herzegovina has lost its only air link with Slovenia.
  • Greek airline Aegean Airlines is boosting its number of flights from Athens to Sarajevo when compared to the last year when the airline introduced first ever scheduled air service between Greek and Bosnian capital cities. Aegean Airlines will run a total of 40 round-trip flights between two cities from May 26th to October 8th, representing an increase of 42% or 12 round-trip flights more when compared to the last year.
  • Air Serbia will be operating early morning flight on Thursday’s offering connection to its Belgrade-New York flight. The airline will be using leased Bombardier CRJ-1000 aircraft offering 100 seats (an increase of 34 seats when compared to usual ATR-72 that Air Serbia operates on Belgrade-Sarajevo route).
  • Croatia Airlines is increasing Zagreb-Sarajevo service, from 13 weekly to 14 weekly, all flights are scheduled to operate with Bombardier Dash 8-400 aircraft. With this increase Croatia Airlines will offer a total of 418 round-trip flights between Zagreb and Sarajevo, representing an increase of 5% or 20 round-trip flights more, adding additional 3.040 seats when compared to the same time of the last year.
  • Air Arabia is slightly decreasing number of flights from Sharjah to Sarajevo, from last year’s 143 round-trip flights to this year 135. Reduction will result in 2.592 seats less on offer when compared to the summer of 2019.
  • FlyBosnia will be operating majority of charter flights out of Sarajevo this summer with flights being reserved by Bosnian travel agencies, securing solid and safe earning for the airline. FlyBosnia will operate charter flights to Antalya in Turkey (daily flights), Hurgada in Egypt and Monastir in Tunisia. FlyBosnia will maintain scheduled regular flights from Sarajevo to: Riyadh (3x weekly), Jeddah (2x weekly), Grasim (2x weekly), Kuwait City (2 x weekly),  Rome via Mostar (2x weekly) and London (2 weekly). During April-October the airline is offering around 100.000 seats on its flights from Sarajevo and Mostar.
  • The largest reductions of flights in summer timetable will be by Flydubai on its service from Dubai to Sarajevo. Due to the fleet shortage caused by grounding of Boeing 737 MAX aircraft Flydubai is reducing Sarajevo service from last year’s three daily flights to this year’s one daily. Last year Flydubai operated a total of 332 round-trip flights, while this year the airline has scheduled 181 round-trip flight. Seats offered are down from 115.536 to 62.988, a decrease of 45% or 52.548 seats less.
  • For upcoming summer season Saudi low-cost airline flynas is expanding Sarajevo network by introducing one more destination from Saudi Arabia to Sarajevo. Flights from Gassim (Qassim) to Sarajevo will be introduced on May 25th with three weekly services on board of Airbus 320 aircraft with capacity to seat 164 passengers. For the 2020 summer season flynas is adding additional flights from both, Riyadh and Jeddah (when compared to the last summer). Flights are starting in May and extending to the end of September. Riyadh-Sarajevo flights will be operated six times weekly from May 19th to September 5th, while Jeddah-Sarajevo flights will be operated five times weekly from May 19th to September 5th and then three weekly  from September 6th to September 30th. For summer 2020 Flynas is offering a total of 74.456 seats, representing an increase of 161% or 45.920 seats more.
  •  Kuwait Airways has scheduled Kuwait City - Sarajevo flights beginning June 9th. Flights are scheduled to operate from June 9th  to September 12th , three times weekly with brand new Airbus 320NEO aircraft offering 134 seats (122 economy and 12 in business class seating configuration). Kuwait Airways is offering a total of 11.256 seats in both directions between Kuwait City and Sarajevo.
  • Lufthansa is introducing second daily Munich-Sarajevo service. Second daily flight LH1742 will be leaving Munich at 21:30, arriving in Sarajevo at 22:50. Returning flight LH1743 is next day, early morning, leaving Sarajevo at 06:30, arriving in Munich at 07:55. This flight will enable many connections to Lufthansa’s worldwide network, making Sarajevo and Lufthansa’s world network reachable with only one stop in Munich! All flights will operate with Airbus 320 aircraft.
  • Swiss Air is discontinuing its two weekly summer seasonal flights between Zurich and Sarajevo  
Detailed schedule by the airlines and seats offered will be published in coming days for all for international airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: Flying Bosnian