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Friday, October 23, 2020

✈ Sarajevo Airport Suspending €10 Passenger Fee

The government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina held a session on October 22, 2020 and passed a decision on suspending fees for the development of air traffic until 31.12.2021.

The abolition of this fee should result in a reduction of airline ticket prices to the satisfaction of all passengers, as well as airlines operating from Sarajevo International Airport.

The fee was introduced based on the decision of the government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2005 with the aim to develop civil aviation in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was applied only to companies operating at Sarajevo International Airport.

The fee of 10 euros per departing passenger from Sarajevo Airport was used mainly for the reconstruction and development of two other airports in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Mostar and Tuzla International Airports). Last year, Sarajevo Airport collected €5.763.380 or 11.272.191 Bosnian Marks in the above-mentioned tax.

It is very ironic that the main airport in the country is collecting this tax just to support Mostar Airport, which is partially owned by a foreign company – in this case, Zagreb Airport. This is consistent with Tuzla Airport, which supports foreign airline, Wizz Air, with huge discounts for airport operations with the funds collected at Sarajevo Airport.

If Sarajevo Airport would like to see a recovery from the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, its owner (the Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina) should invest this tax to bring new airlines that would attract mass tourism to the city and the whole country, or abolish the tax altogether in favor of bringing low cost airlines to Sarajevo.

Source: Flying Bosnian and Sarajevo Airport

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

✈ Eurowings delays Sarajevo return until December

Eurowings has pushed back Sarajevo flights relaunch for December 19th. The airliner was selling tickets for flights beginning next week but due to Coronavirus cases rising in both Germany and Bosnia and even tighter traveling restrictions the airline decided to postpone Sarajevo flights resumption just before Christmas holidays. Both Cologne and Stuttgart will be resumed on December 19th with two weekly flights for both destinations.

Cologne-Sarajevo flights will operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays (for Christmas-New Years holidays additional flight will be operated on Thursdays on following dates: 12/24, 12/31 and 01/07)

Stuttgart-Sarajevo flights will operate on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

NOTE: Changes to schedules are likely possible due to unpredictable pandemic situation!

Source: Flying Bosnian 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

✈ Norwegian Air to resume Sarajevo flights!


Norwegian Air is resuming flights from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to Sarajevo on December 19. 2020. after 9 months break due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

During the summer of 2019 Norwegian Air operated flights from Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Gothenburg to Sarajevo. The airline plans to resume summer seasonal flights from all four Scandinavian destinations if the coronavirus pandemic is under control without border closures and entry restrictions.


Flight number

Flight times

Operating days


DY 4343




DY 4344



Source: Flying Bosnian

✈Banja Luka Airport Winter 2020-21


Banja Luka International Airport terminal building and control tower

➤With the beginning of Winter timetable on Sunday October 25, Banja Luka Airport will see major flight reductions when compared to the same time of the last year. Air Serbia will operate two weekly flights from Belgrade while Ryanair will scale back its operations to Banja Luka from last year’s 5 destinations to only one this coming winter season. 

Single destination Ryanair plans to operate to Banja Luka during upcoming winter timetable is new two weekly service from Gothenburg, beginning October 25.2020. 

Ryanair will delay the launch of new flights from Vienna to Banja Luka until March 29, while its planned new route from Milan-Bergamo has been cancelled altogether.

Ryanair is pushing back the resumption of most of its flights to Banja Luka until spring of 2021.

Following routes are suspended until Summer timetable 2021. (changes to the schedules are likely possible due to uncertainty with coronavirus pandemic and borders opening and closing on short notice).

Ryanair Banja Luka flight resumption schedule




(flights operate)

1) Berlin Brandenburg - Banja Luka



2) Brussels Charleroi - Banja Luka

Not published yet


3) Frankfurt Hahn- Banja Luka



4) Memmingen – Banja Luka



5) Milan Bergamo – Banja Luka



6) Stockholm Skavsta – Banja Luka



7) Vienna – Banja Luka








Source: Flying Bosnian

Monday, October 19, 2020

✈Mostar Airport Winter 2020-21


Mostar Airport terminal building 

During Winter timetable 2020-21 Mostar Airport will not see any scheduled or charter flights. Last winter season, only airline operating regular flights to/from Mostar was Croatia Airlines with two weekly flights from Zagreb. Croatia Airlines flights were heavily subsidized by the Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hercegovina-Neretva County.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic all flights to/from Mostar were suspended in March of this year without any indication of flights being reintroduced again.

In December of last year FlyBosnia introduced one weekly Mostar-Rome flights, but due to pandemic those flights were short lived.

Without any air traffic Mostar Airport is solely depending on the government handouts for its survival. With Bosnia and Herzegovina air traffic down 72% compared to the last year only viable option for Mostar Airport is to be completely closed until March of next year, possible longer if airport’s management is not able to secure any flights.

Source: Flying Bosnian

✈ Wizz Air November 2020 - Tuzla Airport operations

Wizz Air Airbus 320 at Tuzla International Airport

Wizz Air in the last few weeks continue to adjust planned operation, due to  various travel restrictions and market demand. As of 19-OCT-20, the airline’s planned  Tuzla operations for the month of November 2020 (01NOV20 – 30NOV20) as follows:

Tuzla – Berlin 1 weekly

Tuzla – Dortmund 2 weekly

Tuzla – Eindhoven 2 weekly

Tuzla – Gothenburg 2 weekly

Tuzla – Hahn 2 weekly

Tuzla – Malmo 3 weekly (2 weekly form 17NOV20)

Tuzla – Memmingen 2 weekly

Tuzla – Stockholm Skavsta 2 weekly

NOTE: Additional changes highly possible

Friday, October 16, 2020

✈Tuzla Airport Winter 2020-21

Tuzla Airport route map in Winter 2020-21

Tuzla International Airport will see drastic flights schedule reduction during winter months. Wizz Air is still the only airline operating at the airport with two Airbus 320 aircraft based at the airport.

The airline has announced yesterday additional flight cuts to its schedule from Tuzla. During winter timetable Wizz Air will operate to following destinations:  

Basel (restarting 04.12.2020),  Dortmund, Eindhoven, Gothenburg, Frankfurt-Hahn, Malmo, Memmingen and Stockholm-Skavsta.

Following destinations are scheduled to restart at the beginning of summer timetable in March of next year: Berlin (flights will operate once per week until 12.04.2020), Billund, Cologne, Friedrichshafen, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Salzburg, Vaxjo and Vienna.

When compared to the same time of the last year Tuzla Airport will see 386 fewer flights or 32% decrease. Number of seats on the offer has decreased from 216.000 to 146.520 or 32% decrease.


Source: Flying Bosnian 

✈Bosnia and Herzegovina air traffic report for September 2020

  Bosnia and Herzegovina air traffic report for September 2020.






Source: Flying Bosnian and BHDCA

Monday, October 12, 2020

✈Sarajevo Airport Winter 2020-21

The 2020/21 winter timetable enters into force on Sunday, October 25th. 2020. until March 27th of 2021. This winter season will be like no other due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Majority of the world airlines are in survival mode operating at 20-30% capacity. 

Sarajevo Airport has been hit extremely hard with flight cancelations and airlines temporary withdrawal from the airport due to border closures and ever-changing entry rules. Passengers traffic is expected to plummet even deeper during upcoming winter months. Last winter season passengers were able to fly to 14 destinations in 11 countries in Europe and Gulf region with 81 weekly departures.

This winter season Sarajevo Airport will be served by: Air Serbia (Belgrade), Austrian Airlines (Vienna), Croatia Airlines (Zagreb), Eurowings (Cologne and Stuttgart), Flydubai (Dubai), Lufthansa (Munich), Pegasus Airlines (Istanbul) and Turkish Airlines (Istanbul). 10 destinations in 7 countries will be served with 44 weekly departures. Two largest markets out of Sarajevo are Turkey and Germany and will be served with following frequencies: Turkey will be served with 11 weekly flights: Turkish Airlines (5 flights) and Pegasus Airlines (6 flights), Germany will be served with 9 weekly flights: Lufthansa (4 flights) and Eurowings (5 flights). Due to entry regulations and decreased demand for air travel changes in schedules are highly likely (Schedule as of October 11, 2020). 

During Winter timetable 2020/21 number of available seats is 217.664, representing a decrease of -52,24% or -238.144 seats less, compared to the same time of the last year.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Friday, October 9, 2020

✈ Sarajevo Airport Incentive for airlines to open base!

Sarajevo International Airport is offering incentive for all airlines interested in opening base at the airport:

In accordance with a Management Board Decision from 26th August 2020 and an item 18.4 of Airport Handling Charge List - Incentives for Airline Companies which have a base at Sarajevo International Airport in the aim of mitigating negative impacts caused by COVID-19 pandemic at Sarajevo International Airport.

Sarajevo International Airport LLC, ISSUES PUBLIC NOTICE for submitting proposals for an airline base opening at Sarajevo International Airport in a period from 2021 until 2023

 I Subject of the Public Notice 

Subject of the Public Notice is the opening of the airline base at Sarajevo International Airport. The base implies a place set by airline carriers, where a member of crew personnel starts and ends time of duty or duty periods and where, under normal circumstances, an operator is not under obligation to provide an accommodation for a member of crew personnel. In the first stage, the base is set up for two aircraft, with the option of increasing number of aircraft, as available capacities increase at Sarajevo International Airport or when other conditions are fulfilled. 

II Entitlement to Participate 

All airline companies which plan to introduce scheduled route/s at Sarajevo International Airport are entitled to submit a request for the base. 

III Time Period for the Airline Base 

The base of the airline carrier is set up for the period from 2021 until 2023.

 IV Airport Operating Hours

 It is mandatory to comply with the airport operating hours, the same for Winter as well as for Summer flight schedule. 

V Public Notice Criteria 

1. Number of Weekly Air Operations

-Those air carriers which plan to carry out the largest number of air operations per week/month, i.e. per year, shall have a priority.

-Those air carriers which plan to increase a number of air operations in 2022 and 2023, shall have a priority. 

2. Number of Passengers per Year in Accordance with a Chart Below

Incentive program based upon the number of passengers for the airline companies which have a base at Sarajevo International Airport shall be approved by a previous written request/information of the airline company on estimated number of passengers (total number of passengers, as well as upon the number of outbound passengers) for the current year, based upon the Airport's handling charge list and upon the outcome of negotiations. 

Also, taking into consideration that the discount is approved in advance, after the end of a calendar year, the Company shall revise accomplished quantitative indicators (total number of passengers/total number of outbound passengers) for the airline companies which have a discount in accordance with the item 18.4 of the Charge List, and corrections shall be done immediately, if necessary. 

3. Air Carrier Flight Destinations 

Those air carriers which plan to launch a larger number of destination routes shall have a priority as well as those which plan to launch routes towards destinations where there were no flights in 2019. 

4. Number and Aircraft Types Which are to Be Used by the Air Carrier for Air Operations (Aircraft Characteristics, Aircraft Wingspan, MTOW) 

Those airline companies which plan to operate with aircraft types which have the capacity of 150 passengers or more shall have a priority, whereat satisfying environment protection and noise protection requirements in compliance with legal regulations, runway weight bearing capacity, Sarajevo airport technical characteristics etc.

VI Deadline for Submission of Proposals 

A proposal for the airline base must be submitted in writing and it needs to include all necessary information in relation to the above mentioned criteria (the number of weekly operations, the estimated number of outbound passengers as well as the total number of estimated passengers which an airline company plans to transport per year, the number of destination routes and destination routes towards which an airline company plans to launch flights from Sarajevo, as well as aircraft types which an airline company plans to use for air operations). 

Written requests are submitted within 30 days from the day of the public notice publication. In case of different publication dates in different media, the deadline starts from the last publication date by Sarajevo International Airport. Written request may be submitted via e-mail or via Sarajevo International Airport Protocol Department, Kurta Schorka 36, 71000, Sarajevo, with a note ‘’Proposals for an airline base opening at Sarajevo International Airport’’ 

Contact person 

Vedrana Vikic Music

 Phone Number. +387 33 289 174 Sales Manager

Download the document

Source: Sarajevo Airport

✈Bosnia and Herzegovina air traffic report JAN-AUG 2020

 Bosnia and Herzegovina air traffic report January-August 2020.






Source: Flying Bosnian and BHDCA