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Monday, January 10, 2022

✈Tuzla Airport statistics for 2021

Last month Tuzla  Airport recorded 25.486 passengers, representing an  increase of 104% or 13.013 passengers more when compared to the same month of 2020. Last month airport recorded 251 aircraft operations, also airport processed 3.800 kilograms of cargo.

During 2021 airport handled a total of  299.012 passengers, representing an increase of 31% or 70.587 passengers more when compared to the year before. When compared to pre-pandemic year of 2019,  passenger traffic is 50% down or 294.071  passengers less.

Source: Flying Bosnian and Tuzla Airport

✈ Eurowings to increase Sarajevo flights


Eurowings will increase Cologne-Sarajevo flights from two weekly to three weekly beginning February 22 until June 30. From July 01. to September 01. flights will increase to four weekly. Flights increase comes after Wizz Air opened Sarajevo-Cologne route in December of last year. From April Wizz Air will operate Sarajevo-Cologne flights three times weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and  Fridays, same days as Eurowings, competing directly with German low cost carrier. This competition is very healthy and will benefit the customers using this air service, which until recently was dominated by Eurowings. From April Sarajevo and Cologne will be connected with six weekly flights.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Saturday, January 8, 2022

✈Banja Luka Airport to close for runway overhaul

Banja Luka Airport will be closed for 30 days from January 15 in order to overhaul its  runway and taxiways A and B. The airport management has decided for closure during this time, when all airlines operating flights to and from Banja Luka have canceled the majority of the flights until the end of February. Runway repair is needed after the last audit by Bosnia and Herzegovina Department of Civil Aviation suggesting repair is needed to continue safe operations. BHDCA was given a period of 12 months to Banja Luka Airport to fix the issue in order  for BHDCA to renew Banja Luka Airport operation certificate. During the closure, airport will perform minor upgrades to terminal building as well. 

Source: Flying Bosnian

Thursday, January 6, 2022


 Sarajevo International Airport photo by Fahrudin Kreštalica - Krešta

✈Sarajevo Airport statistics for 2021

Last month Sarajevo Airport recorded 70.230 passengers, its busiest December ever. The airport recorded an increase of 425% or 56.833 passengers more when compared to the same month of 2020, 22% or 12.482 passengers increase was recorded when compared to December of 2019. Last month airport recorded 1.083 aircraft operations, while cargo department recorded a record breaking 767.134 kilograms of cargo.

During 2021 airport handled a total of  767.133 passengers, representing an increase of 207% or 517.491 passengers more when compared to the year before. When compared to pre-pandemic year of 2019,  passenger traffic is 33% down or 376.547 passengers less. According to Eurocontrol Bosnia and Herzegovina air traffic recovery is way above European average and country should reach 2019 pre-pandemic passenger numbers during this year, while major European markets are expecting to reach 2019 passenger numbers during the year 2025.

Source: Flying Bosnian and Sarajevo Airport

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

✈Flynas to increase Riyadh-Sarajevo flights to daily from May

Saudi low-cost air carrier Flynas will increase Riyadh-Sarajevo flights to daily from June 01, 2022. The airline will operate daily flights between two capital cites during June, July and August, in September flights will be operated three times weekly. Flynas will pause Sarajevo flights from both Riyadh and Jeddah during Holy month of Ramadan in April. From May until the end of summer schedule Jeddah-Sarajevo flights will operate three times weekly, except July and August, when flights will increase to four weekly. Flynas will increase Sarajevo flights according to bookings, with Jeddah flights most likely to go daily during peak summer months. All flights will be operated by Airbus A320neo aircraft offering 174 seats (8 in business and 166 seats in economy class).

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

✈ FlyBosnia statement in regard to operations restart

In regards to article published on this portal on December 23, 2021. with title "FlyBosnia plans to restart operation in March" FlyBosnia has issued following statement: 

"We have noticed that an article about alleged FLYBOSNIA flights in cooperation with the ISG Travel agency has been published on your portal. We would like to inform you that FLYBOSNIA does not currently cooperate with this agency and that this information is incorrect".

The information about FlyBosnia flights, was received directly from ISG Travel agency. We do apologize for the misinformation and any problems that it might cause. We are all aware of what happened and will take extra care in the future. Sincerely Flying Bosnian

✈ Nordwind Airlines to launch Saint Petersburg-Sarajevo flights!

Russian leisure airline Nordwind Airlines will launch two weekly flights from Saint Petersburg (Pulkovo Airport), Russia to Sarajevo. Flights are scheduled to start on March 02, 2022. operating on Wednesdays and Sundays with Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The airline has received all necessary permits to commence the flights . This is going to be first ever scheduled air service between Russia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nordwind Airlines primarily operates services between airports in Russia and holiday destinations around the Mediterranean Sea. Nordwind Airlines has shown interest to introduce Moscow-Sarajevo flights during upcoming summer season as well. This new route will bring two countries tourist sector closer together. Neither Bosnia and Herzegovina, nor Russia require visa for its citizens for tourist visits to either country. During 2019,  7.000 Russian tourists visited Bosnia and Herzegovina. Majority of Russian tourist flew with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul. During Covid-19 pandemic year 2020, only 1.100 Russian tourists visited Bosnia and Herzegovina, while during 2021, this number has improved to 2.700 tourists.

Source: Flying Bosnian 

Sunday, January 2, 2022

✈ Eight Million Bosnian Marks for Mostar Airport

Mostar International Airport - Terminal Building

The Government of Herzegovina-Neretva County adopted the budget for the year 2022, with eight million Bosnian Marks (four million Euros), to be allocated for Mostar Airport air traffic development. The funds will be used to subsidize low-cost carriers to start flight to Mostar Airport.

Just recently the Mayor of Mostar, Mr. Mario Kordić, held talks with Wizz Air, Eurowings, and Air Dolomites at the Annual World Route development forum in Milan on possible flight introductions to Mostar Airport.

If managed properly, the subsidized amount of eight million Marks could mean the revival of Mostar Airport, with flights to Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and Austria to accommodate the Bosnian diaspora. Religious tourism (within Medjugorje) has huge potential with possibility of flights from Italy, Spain, Poland, and Ireland.

Eurowings is the only airline with confirmed flights in the upcoming summer season. The airline will operate a very limited number of flights from Dusseldorf to Mostar.

Source: Flying Bosnian

✈ Solid start to the year for Sarajevo Airport

For the first week of the new year Sarajevo Airport is having very solid start to a new month and the year. During first week of January airport will have 214 commercial flights with 33.034 seats on offer. Out of 214 flights, Wizz Air will operate a total of 78 flights, offering 14.276 seats, representing 36% of all the flights, and 43% of all the seats on offer. Istanbul is destination with highest number of frequencies, total of 20 weekly flights, followed by Vienna with 12 weekly flights. During this year Sarajevo Airport should reach its 2019 traffic numbers when airport recorded 1.143.680 passengers.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

✈ Banja Luka Airport – photo update

Banja Luka Airport terminal building and control tower

Photos from Banja Luka International Airport, taken by Mirza SM, on Wizz Air flight Malmo-Banja Luka (December 24, 2021). The flight was operated by Wizz Air Hungary, Airbus 321, registration HA-LXS. The flight was 95% full, with 225 passengers on board.











Source: Flying Bosnian

✈ Five Million Bosnian Marks for Bihać Airport

The Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has passed a decision on the adoption of the program of spending part of the capital transfer "Capital transfers to the public companies of significant importance to Bosnia and Herzegovina - Improvement of air traffic in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Capital transfer for Public Enterprise Bihać Airport”.

Determined by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, funds will be drawn from the budget for current  year 2021, by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications in the amount of 5.000.000 Bosnian Marks or 2.556.500 Euros. These funds will be used to continue land expropriation for future airport complex.

The Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications is in charge of continuous supervision over the use of funds, and to sign a contract with P.E. Bihać Airport, which will regulate the manner of transfer of funds and reporting on the funds spending.

P.E. Bihać Airport is obligated to issue quarterly reports on the use of funds to the Ministry of Transport and Communications . After spending the funds, and no later than February 28, 2022. P.E. Bihać Airport is obligated to make a final report on funds spending and submit it to the Ministry, together with the decision of the Supervisory Board on its adoption. The Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Federal Ministry of Finance and P.E. Bihać Airport are in charge of implementing this decision, each within its competence.

So far Bihać Airport has received 19,5 million Euros funds from Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.






Ꞓ 2.000.000

Ꞓ 2.000.000


Ꞓ 1.025.000

Ꞓ 3.025.000


Ꞓ 1.800.000

Ꞓ 4.825.000


Ꞓ 150.000

Ꞓ 4.975.000


Ꞓ 12.000.000

Ꞓ 16.975.000


Ꞓ 2.556.500

Ꞓ 19.531.500

Source: Flying Bosnian and Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina