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Friday, January 18, 2019

✈Bosnia and Herzegovina air traffic report for 2018

During last year a record number of passengers has passed through four international airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Three airports broke their own records in terms of passengers handled. Sarajevo for the first time in its 50 years history recorded 1.046.635 passengers going through its doors representing an increase of 9,2% over last year, followed by Tuzla with 584.589 passengers, an increase of 9,0% and Banja Luka with 36.180 passengers and record increase of 73,3% over last year. Mostar Airport is the only airport in the country reporting its number declining by 33,9%, the airport handled 28.463 passengers, compared to 43.118 last year. Bosnia and Herzegovina in expecting another great year in civil aviation due to new established FlyBosnia to begin flights from its base in Sarajevo, Ryanair expansion in Banja Luka and Wizz Air expansion in Tuzla with one more aircraft being added to its Tuzla base during this year for a total of three A320 based at Tuzla Airport. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina recorded 1.695.842 passengers representing an increase of 8,8% over last year.





Source: Flying Bosnian and BHDCA

Monday, January 14, 2019

✈FlyBosnia receives Bosnian Air Operator's Certificate

FlyBosnia, the new Bosnian airline, today announces it has obtained its air operator’s certificate (AOC). The first scheduled flights will take off in mid-April 2018 and the ticket sale will start soon.

“We are pleased to announce that on 11 January 2019 we received the Air Operator Certificate (AOC), authorising FLYBOSNIA to perform commercial air operations. This is the final stage in the approval process which allows FLYBOSNIA to start commercial flying.” said FlyBosnia in its tweeter post 

Mandatory for all airlines, the air operator’s certificate has been provided by Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate for Civil Aviation (BHDCA), the body in charge of the supervision and the regulation of airline transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The air operator’s certificate demonstrates the capacity of the airline to guarantee safe and responsible airline transport.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Sunday, January 13, 2019

✈Strong growth on Sarajevo-Antalya charter market

This summer season Turkish Airlines will perform majority of charter flights between Sarajevo and Antalya. Majority of tourist agencies from Bosnia and Herzegovina signed agreement only with Turkish Airlines to operate the flights. Last year three airlines operated the flights: Turkish Airlines, Atlas Global and Onur Air, while this year Turkish Airlines will cover 90% of charter flights from Sarajevo to Antalya. On Sarajevo-Antalya route Turkish Airlines will deploy Anadolujet high density Boeing 737-800 with 189 seats. 

Number of flights
Round trip
Number of seats
Round trip

Charter flights this year will start much earlier on May 31st and will operate until September 21st, flights will operate eight times weekly. Turkish Airlines will offer a total of 228 round-trip flights, offering 43.092 seats in both directions, representing a record number of seats offered between two cities. Last year all airlines operating charter flights Sarajevo-Antalya offered a total of 27.000 seats, this year’s increase represents a jump of 60% or 16.000 seats more.

Flight number
Flight times
Operating days
Valid from-to
TK 4110
TK 4111
TK 4122
TK 4123

Tourist agencies from Bosnia and Herzegovina offering vacation packages to Turkey:

Source: Flying Bosnian

Saturday, January 12, 2019

✈FlyBosnia begins test flights

FlyBosnia started to perform test flights from its home base at Sarajevo Airport. First two days of testing’s jet did touch and go and circling around Sarajevo. After that, the airline operated flights from Sarajevo to Tuzla and back and from Sarajevo to Banja Luka and back. The airline is still awaiting regulatory approval from Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation for Air Operators Certificate to commence revenue flights. The AOC is expected to be issued by the end of February.

FlyBosnia A319 at Banja Luka Airport on 08/01/19, performing a tests flight
 FBS 102 from Sarajevo

>Video of first FlyBosnia flight to Sarajevo<

Source: Flying Bosnian

Friday, January 11, 2019

✈Mostar Airport is offering incentives to attract carriers to launch flights in 2019!

Mistral Air airplanes at Mostar Airport
- The relevant incentives are transparent and accessible to all aviation companies that operate or plan to operate from Mostar Airport and meet certain conditions.
- Mostar Airport is offering several incentives in the form of discounts to encourage airlines and tour operators to develop their services in international traffic at the airport, as well as to stimulate greater choice and greater benefits for all airline companies for transport of passengers and cargo.

- Proposed incentives keep track that such rebates do not distort competition between airline companies at the airport and are offered for a limited period on a nondiscriminatory basis.

- An airline company applying for the use of an incentive program model must apply for inclusion in the Mostar Airports incentive program for each airline at least 15 days before the date of establishment of the relevant airline / frequency.

-If an airline does not meet the terms of the payment of the account or fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the incentive program, Mostar Airport reserves the right to deprive the airline of any incentive.

- When an airline agrees to be included in the Incentive Program, the airline cannot transfer the acquired rights resulting from the Incentive Program to a third party without written consent and approval from Mostar Airport.

- The Company reserves the right not to apply any of the approved incentives in the event of bankruptcy, mergers or sales of the aviation company concerned, as well as in the case of its takeover by another company, which results in a reduction in total seat capacity compared to the previous IATA planning period. In such a case, the Company is not required by the airline concerned, its bankruptcy administrator, agent o agent to compensate for any loss or damage nor to grant any claim for refusal or rejections as compensation for the payment of fees.

- The amount of incentives is expressed as a percentage of the landing fee, which the Company charges according to the valid tariff regulations for actual flights.

The airline company applying for the Mostar Airport incentive program must send a written request for inclusion in the Mostar Airport's incentive program, addressed to Mostar Airport:

Operations and Safety Manager:
Marko Duzel Mob: +387 63 045 991 E-mail:
Manager of Commercial Division:
Nedeljko Coric, Mob: +387 63 148 640 E-mail:
Director: Marin Raspudic, Phone: +387 36 352 770 E-mail: mostar-

Source: Flying Bosnian and Mostar Airport

Thursday, January 10, 2019

✈Due to planned expansion in Bosnia, Wizz Air is hiring crew in Tuzla !

Due to our planned further expansion in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have new openings for cabin attendants at Tuzla International Airport. New four year contract is expected to be signed with Tuzla Airport management, in the first half of this year, for November 2019 - November 2023 period. With new cooperation agreement, Wizz Air will add third aircraft to its Tuzla base.

 Recruitment event:

Join the Cabin Crew Open Recruitment Day in Tuzla:
Date: 14th of January 2019, 09:00 A.M.
Place: Golden Star Hotel, Jevrejska br. 5, 75000 Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
"Please arrive sharply on time. Please bring your updated English CV with ID photo (please insert personal data protection disclaimer on it). Please be prepared that the process might take until late afternoon."

Cabin Crew - Tuzla base

• Aged 18 years or over 

• High school education degree

• Fluent English both written and spoken

• Ability to swim 

• Ability to reach the base airport in one hour

• Some customer service experience and sales skills

• Valid passport 

The perfect candidate also:

·   Possesses excellent communication skills

·   Is flexible and resilient to the demands of shift working

·   Is able to work under pressure

·   Can easily work in a team

·   Fluent English knowledge 

Additional information:

·  Tattoos and piercing (other than one earring per ear) are acceptable but must not be visible.

·  Please note that if you wear glasses or contact lenses and your prescription are above + or below 4 you    are likely to fail the mandatory medical examination.

If you would like to join the dynamic team of Wizz Air, please apply here, and attach your CV in English with a photo, and please fill in and attach our cabin crew application form, which can be downloaded here.

Source: Wizz Air

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

✈BHANSA has been certified with Air Traffic Controller Training Organization Certificate by BHDCA

BHANSA building
Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA), since December 19, 2018, has been certified with Air Traffic Controller Training Organization Certificate by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA).
The procedure officially started on April 17, 2017, by submitting a certification application. It was conducted in accordance with the Rulebook on Air Traffic Controller Licenses, Training Organizations and Aviation Medical Centers requirements. During the certification process, BHANSA harmonized its internal procedures and processes with the above-mentioned Rulebook and thus ranked among air navigation services agencies in Europe, that fully apply EU regulations in this field.
The certification activities were conducted by a special team formed by the BHANSA CEO's, Mr. Davorin Primorac's, decision. Other BHANSA employees gave their contribution as well. BHANSA and BHDCA teams worked together to conduct the certification process in implementation of this demanding procedure. You can view the BHANSA certificate here →→