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Saturday, January 25, 2020

✈Bosnia and Herzegovina air traffic report for 2019

During last year, a record number of passengers has passed through four international airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Three airports broke their own records in terms of passengers handled. Sarajevo for the second time in its 50 years history recorded over 1 million passengers, the airport recorded 1.143.680 passengers going through its doors representing an increase of 9,2% over last year, followed by Tuzla with 593.083 passengers, an increase of 1,4% and Banja Luka with 149.693 passengers with increase of 313,7% over last year, added the largest number of passengers 113.513 . Mostar Airport recorded small increase in passengers’ numbers handling a total of  32.866 passengers, an increase of 15,4%. All four airports added additional 223.455 passengers when compared to the year before.

Bosnia and Herzegovina recorded 1.919.289 passengers representing an increase of 13,1% over last year.





Source: Flying Bosnian and BHDCA

Thursday, January 9, 2020

✈Banja Luka Airport - charter flights for summer 2020

Travel agency Kontiki travel is organizing charter flights from Banja Luka to summer holiday destinations in Turkey and Greece. The summer of 2019 agency recorded very successful year accommodating 3.400 tourist (air passengers). Air Serbia operated charter flights from Banja Luka to Antalya and Athens on behalf of the tour operator. Total of  3.600 seats were on offer. In 2019 all charter flight to/from Banja Luka recorded average cabin load factor of 95%.
This year, Kontiki travel is offering 20 round trip flights to Antalya and 9 round trip flights to Athens. Total of  4.000 one-way seats are on offer. All flights will be operated by Air Serbia’s Airbus 319 aircraft.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

✈LOT Polish Airlines expanding code share network to Bosnia and Herzegovina

LOT Polish Airlines is expending the code share operation with Croatia Airlines on flights from Zagreb to Sarajevo and Mostar. New code share between two companies has started on January 1, 2020.

LOT Polish Airlines Code share flights on Croatia Airlines:
  • Zagreb – Sarajevo OU342/LO4295
  • Sarajevo – Zagreb OU341/LO4296
  • Zagreb – Sarajevo OU344/LO4297
  • Sarajevo – Zagreb OU345/LO4298
  • Zagreb – Mostar    OU328/LO4299
  • Mostar – Zagreb    OU329/LO4300
From January to November of 2019, total of 37.125 polish tourists visited Bosnia and Herzegovina. Majority of polish tourist are visiting catholic pilgrimage in Medjugorje. Possibility of direct flights between Poland and Mostar has been subject of talks between Mostar Airport authorities and Ryanair.

Source: Flying Bosnian

✈Sarajevo Airport - charter flights for summer 2020

Sarajevo International Airport will see very busy summer season when comes to charter flights. Many tourist agencies are recording solid  bookings for summer holidays. This year travel agencies from Bosnia and Herzegovina are organizing charter flights from Sarajevo to Antalya in Turkey, Hurgada in Egypt and Monastir in Tunisia. 
Majority of charter flights will be operated by FlyBosnia. The airline is planning on leasing two more Airbus 319 aircraft with beginning of summer flight schedule (first week of April). Flybosnia will operate 101 round trip flight Sarajevo-Antalya, offering a total of 27.876 seats in both directions. 

Second busiest charter market from Sarajevo this summer will be Hurgada in Egypt with FlyBosnia operating a total of 27 round trip flights, offering 7.452 seats in both directions.  

On flights to Monastir, FlyBosnia will operate a total of 14 round trip flights, offering 3.864 seats in both directions.

Turkish Airlines will operate charter flights from Antalya as well. Turkish Airlines will operate a total of 26 round trip flights, offering 9.828 seats in both directions.

So far, for summer 2020, travel agencies have booked 142 round trip flights with FlyBosnia to three major travel markets for summer holidays (Antalya, Hurgada and Monastir), offering 40.000 seats in both directions.  

Source:Flying Bosnian

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

✈Record year for Sarajevo and Tuzla airports

In 2019, two largest airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina have recorded its busiest year on the record. 
Sarajevo International Airport welcomed 1.143.680 passengers in 2019, representing an increase of 9,27% or 97.045 passengers more compared to 2018. The airport recorded 13.671 aircraft movement, an increase of 1,77%, small increase of 0,61% in cargo handled is recorded too. Sarajevo Airport is expecting another record year when new terminal will be put in function. Lufthansa is adding second daily flight from Munich from April which will significantly  improve passenger numbers. The airport will  see boost in charter flights this coming summer with charter flights to Antalya, Monastir and Hurgada.

Tuzla International Airport welcomed 592.384 passengers in 2019, representing an increase of 1,33% or 7.795 passengers more compared to 2018. During last year the airport recorded decrees in both aircraft movements and cargo handled. Tuzla Airport will also see boost in charter flight in upcoming summer season. Freebird Airlines will operate a total of 31 round trip flights (compared to just 15 round trip flights in 2019). Possibility of charter flights from Tuzla to Hurgada are very likely.

Source: Flying Bosnian

✈Photo update of Sarajevo Airport construction

The expansion of the terminal building represents a priority for the airport since current building has reached its capacity last year. The expansion of the terminal building is scheduled to be completed by October of this year. Upon completion new building will provide approximately 10.000 square meters of additional space on four floors with capacity to handle 2 million passengers per year. Estimated value of the investment is 38,5 million Bosnian Marks or 20 million Euros.
Expansion of Sarajevo Airport terminal is complex, slow and challenging project, considering that the works on the expansion of the terminal must not affect the regular performance of the airport activities.

 Photos by:

 Sarajevo Construction

Source: Sarajevo Construction and Flying Bosnian