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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

✈FlyBosnia Rome-Sarajevo rescue flight!

On March 27th, FlyBosnia operated a rescue flight from Rome to Sarajevo on behalf of Bosnian Government, bringing stranded Bosnian citizens back home from Italy. Bosnia and Herzegovina Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the repatriation of Bosnian citizens from Italy was successfully implemented for the first time in history at the initiative of Bosnia and Herzegovina Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bisera Turković.
Bosnian citizens were successfully returned to our country after being “stuck” in Italy during a coronavirus pandemic, and a decision to return them home was made by the Bosnian Government. Flight price of 50.000 Bosnian Marks (25.000) was paid by the Government. Most of the 47 passengers on the flight were minors who were in Italy due to the sporting event, but due to majority of flights from Italy being canceled they could not make it back home to Bosnia. It was urgent and necessary to  bring the minors back home and unite them with their families. In this case the Government did the right thing in protecting its citizens and helped when help was really needed.

47 Bosnian citizens flew directly from Rome to Sarajevo, all passengers and airline stuff were dressed in personal protective suits and were required to wear masks and gloves. The airplane was completely disinfected according to the World Health Organization procedures.

Source: Flying Bosnian

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