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Monday, October 31, 2016

✈ Tuzla airport: First flights from London and Billund

Wizz air first  flight from London Luton Airport has landed in Tuzla yesterday with 108 passanagers on board of Airbus 320. Today Wizz air has started flights from Billund in Denmark. 152 passangers arrived from Billund on first flight on board of Wizz air Airbus 320. Bookings for Billund are much greater then London due to the fact that Bosnian passport holders still require visa to enter United Kingdom. Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina can travel visa free to all European countries except United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Kosovo and Belarus.

Bookings as of October 30. 2016:

30.10.16. London (LTN) – Tuzla 108 passangers
30.10.16. Tuzla (TZL) – London (LTN) 156 passangers

02.11.16. London (LTN) – Tuzla 119 passangers
02.11.16. Tuzla (TZL) – London (LTN) 89 passangers

06.11.16. London (LTN) – Tuzla 63 passangers
06.11.16. Tuzla (TZL) – London (LTN) 122 passangers

31.10.16. Billund (BLL) – Tuzla (TZL) 152 passangers
31.10.16 Tuzla (TZL) – Billund (BLL) 139 passangers

04.11.16. Billund (BLL) – Tuzla (TZL) 121 passangers
04.11.16 Tuzla (TZL) – Billund (BLL) 121 passangers

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