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Sunday, February 28, 2021

✈Hifa Oil to build jet fuel terminal at Sarajevo International Airport

Future Airport hotel

Hifa Oil will start construction of new modern jet fuel terminal at Sarajevo Airport. Aircraft fuel terminal will have underground tanks with capacity of one million liters of kerosene. In addition to the aircraft fuel terminal Hifa Oil plans to build a hotel and other ancillary facilities next to Sarajevo Airport, along the Sarajevo-Foca highway. In September of last year Municipal Council of Novi Grad Sarajevo made decision to sell 169 m2 of land, which resolved the issue of one of the traffic accesses to the future business hotel complex, jet fuel terminal and gas station at Sarajevo Airport. The total area of ​​the land on which the facilities will be constructed is about 8.500 m2.

One of the most important private distributors of oil and oil derivatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, company Hifa Oil in 2017 began to supply jet fuel to airlines operating at Sarajevo International Airport. The year after a cooperation agreement was signed between Hifa Oil and Tuzla International Airport, to provide jet fuel to airlines operating at Tuzla Airport. With this agreement  Hifa Oil has positioned itself as largest distributor of jet fuel in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The past year was marked by the COVID-19 virus pandemic, which had a negative impact on the global economy, which resulted in a decline in economic activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a collapse in air traffic and several other negative consequences. Hifa Oil has adapted to the new situation by finding solutions through the Strategy of Business in Crisis Situations and Emergencies, and thanks to its financial and human capacities it has focused its resources on returning airlines to Bosnia and Herzegovina by providing jet fuel at very favorable rates.

Source: Flying Bosnian and Hifa Oil

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