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Sunday, October 2, 2016

✈ Turkish Cargo flights: success story for Tuzla Airport

Turkish Airlines operated a total of 11 cargo flights from Tuzla International Airport to Istanbul Ataturk Airport during the month of September. At the beginning of the last month, cargo flights from Tuzla Airport, were in jeopardy, due to official announcement from the Bosnia and Herzegovina Office of Veterinary Inspection, about closure of its office at the airport, which would stop export of the meat to Turkey. Since cargo transport, generates good amount of income to the airports, competitions between Bosnian airports is fierce. There has been huge amount of pressure from a number of officials in the administration, at the state level, responsible for issuance and handling of permits for exports, to stop export of fresh meat and meat products from Tuzla International Airport in favor of both; Banja Luka and Sarajevo Airports. Thanks for quick and very professional  reaction from Mr. Mirko Šarović, Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, all administrative issues have been resolved in timely manner and flights have continued. Cargo flights from Tuzla to Istanbul started on June 2nd. Flights are operated by Turkish Airlines Cargo using Airbus 330-200 Freighter aircraft. Last year all transported meat from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Turkey was exported via airports in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, and generated survival income for Banja Luka airport. At the beginning of the year, management of Tuzla Int. Airport negotiated the deal with Turkish Airlines and companies selling meat products to its Turkish customers for flights to go exclusively from Tuzla International Airport. From the beginning of the year, the airport has invested in building necessary cooling facility for storage and transport of perishable goods. Taxation office and Veterinary inspection had to be set up a the airport as well. With the income from the cargo flights and increase number of the passengers using the airport, Tuzla International Airport will be self sustainable from the next year, without need for government subsidies for its operations.

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