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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

✈ Tuzla Airport is building storage for aviation fuel

In addition to the expansion and reconstruction of existing facilities, Tuzla International Airport is implementing another important project. The airport is building a customs terminal for the storage of aviation fuel JET A1. The project cost is around one million Bosnian marks (€500.000)

Last year Tuzla International Airport was granted a license for supply of fuel and airline aircraft fuel JET A1. In order to accommodate increase in number of aircraft movements, and most important, be able to accommodate Wizz air’s expansion at the airport, and increased fuel consumption, airport needs to have a fuel storage with proper customs terminal to carry out fuel sales.

After obtaining all necessary permits for building the fuel storage, the work has started last month. The plan for construction completion is expected in early March of next year. New fuel terminal will open just in time for Wizz air’s stationing of its second Airbus A320 at the airport and starting many new flights from the airport.

"The investment is estimated at around one million Bosnian marks. We are going to finance this project from its own resources, mainly from the income airport has made from Wizz Air flights. From 27th of March we will be able to supply the airlines and aircraft with the fuel from our warehouse. For our airport it is very important because we wont have to pay VAT in advance, " explains director of Tuzla Airport Mr. Karasalihović.

The construction of this fuel terminal will fulfill all environmental standards of the law of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For increased protection, all fuel tanks will be placed on rubber surfaces. Control of the fuel quality will be carried out in a newly built laboratory at Tuzla International Airport. 

Source :RTVTK

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