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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

✈ Mostar Airport terminal reconstruction

Mostar Airport terminal building after reconstruction

European Union funds (€250.000)

Mostar International Airport has received 250.000 Euros from IPA funds (IPA is European Union Pre-Accession Assistance). Currently works are in progress on the terminal building of the airport, which should be completed by the beginning of December. The building will have a much larger space, increasing terminals capacity of passenger’s flow. In addition to the reconstruction of the terminal building, the airport purchased the ambulance vehicle, which is necessary for the safety of passengers.

Mostar Airport terminal building after reconstruction

Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina funds (1 million) 

Mostar International Airport has received funds from theMinistry of Transport and Communications of the Federation of Bosnia andHerzegovina. The funds are invested in the purchase of new equipment:
  • Fire truck
  • Elevator for loading and offloading disabled passengers from the aircraft
  • Equipment for improvement of the security at the airport

City of Mostar funds for low cost airline flights 

This year City of Mostar has managed to secure certain amount of money for the airport as well. Mostar Mayor Ljubo Beslić noted that city government is ready to financially support the project of bringing one low-cost airline company to serve Mostar Airport from next year.


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