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Saturday, September 24, 2016

✈ Sarajevo International Airport enlargement plans

In line with the expected increase in traffic at Sarajevo International Airport in the last few months, works on the refurbishment of existing facilities are taking place with the aim to provide the highest quality service to passengers and other users. "Our goal is to offer to passengers, users of Airport services and related services (Border Police, Sanitary Inspection, Customs, etc.) spacious comfort, better working conditions and the expansion of the overall missing services. So, we want to fulfill the positive expectations of passengers, Airlines and other users of Airport services in accordance with International Standards, explains Acting Director for Development of the International Airport Sarajevo Mr. Alan Bajić.

Mandatory Procedures

Broadly speaking, the optimizing of Airport Terminal is an extremely complex and demanding project. So far, we expanded the inbound gate and the new Customs Counter Communication in the public space as well as the new Lost & Found Counter, Communication in the protected area. We also created a much more manipulative space for delivering baggage and a larger space strip for handling the outgoing baggage. Also it is planned to install three more check-in counters (increase from 12 to 15) for passengers and baggage including the increase in number of counters for passport control, automation lane for departing baggage with additional X-Ray Devices as well as a larger office space for ancillary services. All this above mentioned, certainly will shorten the waiting time in the process of registration of passengers, baggage and cargo. It will also significantly speed up the process of the luggage counter view so that the time of sorting and dispatch of luggage would be minimized and the realization of aircraft operation accelerated. The additional X-Ray Device ensures continuity in operations and is used as a substitute in case the other device gets interrupted in work. 

"During rush hour in arrivals we shall accelerate the process of issuance of luggage, because we provided the opportunity to work on both baggage strips, which opens the possibility of a more rational and efficient management of luggage in the sorting. The installation of new counters for passport control also opens the possibility for increasing the number of employees, so directly affecting on the growing number of inputs and outputs which are reflected in the rate of screening of passengers and travel documents. The novelty of opening the Counter Services Communications for the ITA (Customs) in the public and protected zone provides passengers seamless communication with customs officials. The same model is applied on the Counter Communication Service forLost and  Found Luggage so that now passengers have the ability to communicate with Airport staff from the public and protected zones, emphasizes Executive Director Bajić. 

Such large projects always carry some risk, but when it comes to Sarajevo International Airport the present risk is in time limits. In fact, as a Public Company, the Airport must respect binding procedures of the Public Procurement, given that any appeal of the participants of the public tenders - especially when it comes to this complex and multidisciplinary projects - directly impacts on the realization and implementation schedule of the project. The risk may also be the delivery of purchased equipment due to possible problems in transport and custom procedures, especially since most of the equipment comes from European Union countries. "We are deducted in time with the fact that most of the work is carried out at night, due to mandatory and necessary security work verification during the closure of the airport, effective work time reduces which in turn has a direct impact on the implementation schedule. But so far we have been able to manage all these risks, "says Bajić. 

The Contribution of all Sectors All necessary work operations (start-off, implementation, supervision and commissioning) are carried out by a team of professional staff and Airport Departments. For demanding construction, mechanical and electrical work, we hired outside contractors. The work on the installation of low voltage is carried out by the employees of the Sector for Information and Communication Technologies of Sarajevo Airport. The main objective of each Airport, including Sarajevo, is the increasing number of passengers and operations, which in itself requires a larger spatial capacity of all its departments and service. Accordingly, the initiator of this project is The Sector for Transport who sent out its requests to the Development Department which again initiated and led all of these activities. "Surely, we cannot omit any Airport Organizational Unit, because everyone at some stage of the project realization contributed to this process, for example: the Transport Sector, Technique and Maintenance Sector, ICT Sector and the Sector for Development actively participated in the initial design stage. Also, we must note that our colleagues from the Border Police, Customs, Sanitary Inspection had an active participation in the design phase. Colleagues from the Sector for Commercial Activities and the Finance and Legal Sector were engaged after the conceptual design, and during the stage of procurement of works, services and equipment for the implementation of this project. During Construction works, colleagues from the Sector of ICT and Technology, and colleagues from the Sector for Security and Protection actively participated with their engagement in physical and technical security and guarded the space where works were carried out" says Bajić. 

One can therefore say, without false modesty, that Sarajevo International Airport actually has professional and qualified staff ready to face professional challenges, regardless of whether they are smaller projects such as maintenance or strategic projects that will take place in the near future. Business Plan When it comes to further feature plans to develop the Airport, it should be noted that, following the objectives of the Reform Agenda, the new Management of the Company has created an ambitious business plan, which was approved by the Supervisory Board as well as the Assembly of the Company. The Business Plan focuses on the realization of important projects that can quickly provide the conditions for a smooth process of handling of aircraft, passengers, baggage, cargo and mail, with a projected magnification of passengers to one million and the implementation of strategic development projects in business performances of an Airport.

Development projects that are planned to be implemented are: 

Once again, we must stress out that all development projects are planned with the aim to meet the positive expectations of passengers, airlines and other users of Airport services in accordance with international standards.

Source: Sarajevo Airport Magazine

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