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Friday, September 23, 2016

✈ New record of FIR Sarajevo in the number of IFR operations

In the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina, FIR (Flight Information Region) Sarajevo, on Saturday, 13.08.2016. it has been recorded 1442 of IFR operations. This number represents an improvement of the record,  achieved on 01.08.2015. when 1411 of IFR operations were realized.
From April 2014. to the present day, after the opening of the upper airspace above Kosovo and in particular of 13.11.2014. when Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA) has taken complete control over Bosnia and Herzegovina airspace, up to 32 500 feet in height (10,000 meters), there has been recorded steady growth in air traffic. Thus, during 2016. it has been recorded an overall increase of operations by 2% compared to the previous year.  
The increase of traffic is expected to continue, which requires the reception and training of new air traffic controllers. BHANSA, with the new leadership headed by Mr. Davorin Primorac, conducts a tender for new area and approach air traffic controllers, that are necessary for the implementation of Phase 2, the beginning of providing services in the entire airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Given the fact that the demanding European market of air navigation services,  has the same rules for all, and that it is extremely important level of efficiency of service providers and their price competitiveness, these records are encouraging and stimulate further on better work of all employees in BHANSA.

Air Navigation charges for overflying Bosnia and Herzegovina are relatively low and the airlines are responding to increase use of country's air space. More, new air controllers are needed and BHANSA is in process of hiring a large number of air traffic controllers. Interested applicants please contact: Bosnia-Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency BHANSA.

Air navigation charges by member states  of EUROCONTROL

Photo/Ilustration credit: EUROCONTROL 
Source: Bosnia-Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency (BHANSA) and FlyingBosnian

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