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Friday, September 23, 2016

✈Sarajevo Int. Airport: Improvement of the terminal and visual identity

Improving the visual identity is one of the important steps on the way of future development of Sarajevo International Airport, which in recent months has been continuously working on the improvement of the entire business and rising the level of services for all its customers.
With recently finished, reorganization of the space on the first floor of the main terminal, use of the terminal space is optimized to a maximum, giving more space to all arriving passengers. 
Two new luggage belts were installed, and whole luggage pick up area has been reorganized to provide more space and easier passengers movement. Significant improvement is done in the area of the movement of disabled passengers from check in desks, to boarding gates. 
With last years improvements and reorganization of the second floor, flow and comfort of passengers in rush hours is significantly improved. 
Even with all the new work to improve better use of the terminal space, Sarajevo International Airport terminal will reach its capacity maximum next year. Initially, terminal building was designed to handle 800.000 passengers, but with all the improvements, that number now is 1 million passengers per year. One million mark is expected to be reached in the year 2018. 
With Bosnia and Herzegovina approaching European Union membership, the airport will need to separate passengers from Schengen area countries, from the rest of passengers. Current terminal building is way too small for any additional separations of space or for adding new gates . Most likely new larger terminal building will be built in the near future.
Floor plan (level 1) of the terminal before and after space optimization 

In the coming period  it is planned to intensify activities in the direction of improving the visual identity of Sarajevo airport in accordance with high international standards. These activities are designed to ensure recognition and performance of this company, not only in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but worldwide.

Customs info desk in arrival hall just before passport control

Check in area

"The new visual identity is the result of the tendency to keep pace with the times, but also to follow the wishes and needs of our service users," said Director of the company, Armin Kajmaković.

Expended arrival hall, is two times larger after reconstruction

Redesigned and improved baggage area with two new luggage carousels   

After finalizing renovation works in the arrival are of the main terminal building, arrival hall is decorated with big and bold prints, welcoming arriving passengers, with a set of photos from around Bosnia-Herzegovina, which represent and promote the natural and cultural heritage of our country and its beauty. Prints include photographs of the Old Bridge in Mostar, panoramas of Sarajevo, Pliva Waterfall in Jajce, Rama Lake, the river Una and other beautiful places around Bosnia-Herzegovina. These activities will intensify in the future.

Expended arrival hall, with prints/photos from around Bosnia-Herzegovina

New luminous name and logo of Sarajevo International Airport

Concrete steps have been made with installation of new luminous name and logo of Sarajevo International Airport on the main terminal building, which undoubtedly contributes to its more modern and more open appearance.

Meeting area with new automatic doors and divider to create easy flow of people

New luminous name and logo of Sarajevo International Airport

Accordingly, the Board of the company, created a special team, that will in future work on drafting the graphic standards, with the aim of establishing uniform rules and examples of visual identity guidelines that need to be respected in the use of primary and secondary graphic, visual and other elements of identity. To provide a consistent look to the public and subjects that are associated with the activities of the Sarajevo International Airport and it reinforces company’s image and visibility in the community.In addition, to the established policy of advertising and establishing guidelines, whose implementation will prevent the publication of any kind of inappropriate ads, commercials, audio and video materials in the complex of Sarajevo International Airport.

Source: Sarajevo Airport Magazine and FlyingBosnian

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