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Sunday, December 10, 2017

✈Bosnia and Herzegovina aviation year in review

2017 will be marked as a very successful year for the civil aviation air transport in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo and Tuzla Airports recorded double digit passenger’s growth. During the year Sarajevo Airport welcomed six new airline companies with seven new routes from the city, while Tuzla Airport has seen five new routes from the city across European continent. Both Airports started expansion of terminal buildings and maneuvering areas of the airport. In 2017, Mostar Airport worked on expanding its facilities and upgrading equipment in preparation for 2018 when new scheduled flights with Eurowings to Dusseldorf and Stuttgart will begin. Possible new routes from Mostar Airport in 2018 are Zagreb, Malmo and Billund. Number of air passengers in Bosnia and Herzegovina during 2017 increased by an impressive 25% to 1,5 million. Majority of passengers used Sarajevo and Tuzla airports. Banja Luka is the only Bosnian airport that did not record any progress in 2017.

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Map of new established routes in 2017 from Sarajevo and Tuzla 

New routes from Sarajevo 
 New routes from Tuzla 

Source: Flying Bosnian

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