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Thursday, May 7, 2015

✈Freebird Airines charters from Tuzla International Airport to Antalya

Freebird Airlines Airbus 320 at Tuzla Airport in 2014, photo by Golden Tours
Freebird Airlines will transport about 4.500 passengers from Tuzla (TZL) to Antlaya (AYT) and back on behalf of Golden Tours Tuzla. Flights will operate from June 09th to September 09th with total of 14 round trip flights on board of an Airbus 320 with 180 seats.

Flights are scheduled on following dates:
  • June: 09,16,23,30
  • July: 07,14,21,28
  • August: 04,11,18,25
  • September: 01,09

For tour package bookings please contact Golden Tours Tuzla

Source: FlyingBosnian and Golden Tours


Anonymous said...

Zahide kakvo je tvoje mišljenje za TZL ove godine? Hoće li prešišati 250 000?

Flying Bosnian said...

TZL ce ove godine imatti povecanje prometa od oko 50-60% znaci kraj godine mozemo ocekivati sa oko 230.000 putnika