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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

✈Tuzla International Airport on the way to achieve self-sustainability

Financial report for Tuzla International Airport for 2014 .

For the period 01.01.-31.12.2014 Tuzla International Airport total revenues amounted to 2.351,473 KM in relation to the revenues realized in 2013 which amounted to 1.468,824 KM increased by about 60%. At the same time expenses in the reporting period amounted to 2.426,897 KM and they are higher than in 2013 by about 53%. The airport ended last year with the loss in the amount of 75.424,00 KM, the loss is much smaller than the loss recorded in 2013, which amounted to 119.231,00 KM .








1.468,824 KM

1.349,593 KM

-119.231 KM



2.351,473 KM

2.426,897 KM

 - 75.424 KM

1KM (Bosnian Convertible Mark) = 0,51 EURO
In addition to regular and charter flights airport executed the handling of 4 cargo flights. The number of cargo flights is very low because of the decision of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina to limit the development of cargo operations at the airport in 2014. Negotiations on the export of large quantities of fresh meat from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Turkey could not be realized because Tuzla airport was not declared as border crossing for traffic of goods, subject to veterinary inspection and lack of facilitates to handle perishable goods. All flights with perishable goods are awarded to operate from Sarajevo and Banja Luka Airports. Aware of the consequences of the decisions which Tuzla airport was placed in an inferior position compared to other airports in the region and the fact that Tuzla county is one of the strongest economic counties in Bosnia and Herzegovina, airport authorities have addressed the urgency and initiated appropriate procedures to amend the said Decision of the Council of Ministers.
In its conclusions, with the aim of improving business practice at Tuzla International Airport, Tuzla County Government gave full support to the project to upgrade approach lights system, in order to fulfill one of the contractual obligations signed for period of five years with key partner Wizzair. Wizzair is setting up its base at Tuzla International Airport as of next month with one Airbus 320 to be based at the airport, which will allow airline to increase flight operations with more flights and adding new destinations. Tuzla International Airport should achieve self-sustainability next year. 
Source:  FlyingBosnian and  Government of Tuzla County

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