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Monday, April 11, 2016

✈ Vienna Airport statistic for airports: Sarajevo, Zagreb, Skopje and Belgrade

Vienna as a city and its airport is one of the most popular destination from the countries in the region. Austria has strong influence and ties to the region. According to the last census data 5,1 % of total Austria’s population is born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Macedonia. Precisely 155.050 people are from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 132.553 from Serbia, 39.782 from Croatia, 22.430 from Macedonia, 19.663 from Slovenia. Data is not available for Kosovo and Montenegro. Vienna Airport is well connected to the airports in the region with Austrian Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Adria Airways and Air Serbia offering smooth and easy connection to destinations across European continent, United States of America, Canada and many other destinations in the world. Table below is showing number of passengers, flight and available seats from and to Vienna to Sarajevo, Zagreb, Skopje and Belgrade airports. Full data is available for the year 2014 and first ten months of the year 2015(monthly report).

Number of passengers

Number of flights

Number of seats offered

Source: FlyingBosnian

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Anonymous said...

A very nice and interesting statistic from the Vienna Airport. The number of persons from and to Vienna to Sarajevo, Zagreb, Skopje and Belgrade airports are very interesting and show the importance of this airport in Europe. I also think the connection of airport taxis like airport-taxi-wien is very good in comparison to other airports I know.