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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

✈ New road connecting Sarajevo Airport and Sarajevo City center

Construction Company Euro-Asfalt has completed the asphalt surfacing of the first section of the A Transversal, the road which will connect Sarajevo International Airport with Sarajevo City center, confirmed the Director of Euro-Asfalt Enver Ajanović.

“We have completed asphalting of the first section of the road with four lanes (two lanes in each direction), in the length of over 650 meters. Horizontal signalization is done, and the work is currently being done on pedestrian and cycling tracks. New road starts on the 12th Transversal and it goes to the bridge on the Dobrinja River. In the coming period works will be conducted on the section in the length of 500 meters,  including the roundabout which is to be constructed onMojmilo next to the Children’s Village.Preparations for the  construction of that part of the road are currently in progress. If everything goes as planed, complete road should be finished by June" Ajanović stated. Newly constructed road will provide Sarajevo Airport with additional connection to the city center avoiding busy interchange on Stup.  

First stage of works costed around two million Bosnian Marks (BAM). Funds in the amount of about 3.8 million Bosnian Marks (BAM) have been provided for the second stage as well. These funds will be sufficient for the completion of one of the most significant infrastructural projects in the field of traffic that is being implemented at the territory of the Novi Grad Sarajevo Municipality. The project is jointly financed by the Ministry of Transportation of the Sarajevo County and the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo.

Source: by Novi Grad Sarajevo

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