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Monday, September 21, 2015

✈Sarajevo Airport expansion goes as planned

Sarajevo International Airport has announced a public tender for the construction of the project rapid exit taxiway D, which will allow planes moving quicker from the runway after landing to the entrance of the platform. By doing so runway will be available for more takeoffs. The value of the investment is 3.9 million Bosnian marks ($2.2 million US).
The main project
The main task is to increase the number of aircraft operations at the airport and that will be achieved by increasing number of taxiways, currently Sarajevo International Airport has three exit taxiways A, B and C and most of the time in rush hours the aircraft have to, either use whole runway depending on weather conditions, and exit on TXWY C on the end of the runway  or turn around and taxi on the runway, which is very time consuming and is not allowing incoming aircraft to land or outbound ones to takeoff. With this project alone, capacity of landings and take offs will increase by 30%, For example, if we have eight possible take-offs and landings per hour now, building this rapid exit taxiway will increase it to 10 per hour.Author of the project is the IPSA Institute Sarajevo.

Record result
Last month Sarajevo International Airport has served 101.307 passengers, which is 14 percent more than the same period last year.
In terms of cargo in August the airport processed 512.683 kilograms of commercial cargo, representing huge increase of 435 percent, more than the same period in 2014. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the entire company, trend of successful business is expected in the future.
Current Sarajevo International Airport Data  by Airport data and maps

  Runway 30/12
 SJJ approach
Sarajevo Airport Office Building

Sarajevo Airport VIP Lounge

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