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Friday, September 11, 2015

✈Who is Norbert Dotterweich and Mitteldeutsche Board Entwicklungsgesellschaft ?

In the last couple of days the name Norbert Dotterweich has been mentioned in Bosnian media in regards to taking over BH Airlines. Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina held talks with the above named person, only to find that his name is associated with German virtual airline Rostock Airways. Norbert Dotterweich is 58 years of age and a lawyer by profession, he was the CEO and sole owner of virtual airline Rostock Airways. In January 2014 it was announced that Air Alps will resume operations and start flying on behalf of the German virtual airline Rostock Airways. The first of several planned routes was Bremen-Zürich which started on 03. February. Just 19 days after it was announced that this service will cease on the 28th of February due to conflicts between Air Alps and Rostock Airways. Mitteldeutsche Aviation acquired controlling stake in Air Alps and a short after the airline ceased all operation. Until the beginning of 2014 he is a completely blank slate when comes to aviation business.
Court register in Germany of companies associated with Norbert Dotterweich 

Company Information:
MDA Central German Aviation GmbH
Address: Coudraystraße 6, 99423 Weimar
Type of Company: corporation
The company MDA Central German Aviation GmbH with the address Coudraystraße 6, 99423 Weimar has been recorded at the district court Jena under registration number HRB 510,646. The limited liability company (abbreviated GmbH) is a limited liability company form and obeyed as a legal entity with the HGB. The founding date was October 16, 2014, the registration is about 12 months old.
Following companies have identical address as the above mentioned company:
  • CONPAYMENT UG (limited)
  • JOMAG GmbH
  • Saxonia-Consulting GmbH
The following entries have or have had the same shareholder, manager etc. recorded in Annual Report:
  • GSB - guest performance stage Berlin GmbH
  • MEP-Handelsgesellschaft GmbH
  • Saxonia-Consulting GmbH
  • CONPAYMENT UG (limited)
  • Rostock Airways UG (limited)
  • MD Central German Tourism Development Company
Information from:
Rostock Airways (virtual airline) (the website was up and running, but the airline never did)
There is a lot of questions that need to be answered by the Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the public, pertaining to the credibility of the above mentioned company and its CEO. Contraindicating information came from the office of the Prime Minister Mr. Novalic about BH Airlines take over. He stated that airline from Germany will take over BH Airlines, while in yesterday’s interview to Oslobodjenje CEO of the company said that in talks with government he never intended of saving BH Airlines, instead he said talks were held about creating a new company. Hopefully this is not going to be another project where tax payers of Bosnia and Herzegovina will end up paying for the unprofessionalism of the government. Corruption is the main factor to be watchful of when it comes to projects like this one. So far all the evidence suggests that this is precisely the case.
Source: FlyingBosnian

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