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Saturday, November 11, 2017

✈Sarajevo Airport upgrade and expansion

Photo credit: V.A
As announced earlier this year, a measure to expand the capacity and improve the services of Sarajevo International Airport, work on increasing the number of counters for passenger registration has been completed. The luggage loading system has also been expanded and modernized.

Photo credit: V.A.

From the existing 12, the number of check-in counters has increased to 15, plus additional two self-check-in counters. One more X-ray device for the security check of luggage has been put in operation. New configuration of the luggage system with two conveyor belts will significantly improve the reliability of the system in the transport, sorting and loading of luggage. These two projects are part of preparation for a busy summer season and implementation of the strategy "Modernization and Upgrade of Terminal B".

Photo credit: Sarajevo Airport

Source: Sarajevo International Airport

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