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Sunday, December 17, 2023

✈ Ryanair announces arrival at Sarajevo Airport with five routes !

Ryanair, Europe’s biggest and fastest-growing airline, today (Tues 28th November) announced that it will begin operations at Sarajevo, delivering over 20 weekly flights across 5 exciting new routes, creating over 150 local jobs from Summer ‘24.

Sarajevo will become the second Bosnian airport within Ryanair’s network from April ‘24, further increasing Ryanair’s presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ryanair’s 5 exciting new routes will offer direct connections from Sarajevo to Brussels, Gothenburg, London, Memmingen and Milan. These new Summer ‘24 routes will drive valuable inbound tourism and business opportunities to Sarajevo from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the UK – whilst also providing connectivity for Bosnian citizens and visitors at Europe’s lowest fares.

Ryanair’s brand-new Sarajevo Summer ‘24 schedule will deliver:

  • 5 new routes – Brussels, Gothenburg, London, Memmingen & Milan
  • Over 20 flights per week to/from Sarajevo
  • 200,000 passengers within the first 12 months
  • Over 150 new local jobs

Ryanair is the only major European airline to significantly grow traffic post-Covid, particularly in the Balkans, where other airlines have stopped growing, are cutting routes and reducing traffic. Next year, Ryanair will grow to 11M annual passengers in the region (a +260% increase in traffic vs. pre-Covid). This traffic growth complements Ryanair’s plans to grow to 300M annual passengers by 2034, as it takes delivery of a further 400 aircraft (incl. 300 Boeing MAX-10 aircraft). Ryanair is the only airline that can deliver rapid growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina – a stark contrast to competitor airlines who continue to cancel routes and reduce capacity.

To celebrate Ryanair’s arrival to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital, the airline has launched a 3-day seat sale on its 5 new routes to/from Sarajevo from €29.99 one way, for travel from April ‘24 until October ‘24, which must be booked by 30th November, only on Ryanair’s app/website.

Speaking from Sarajevo, Ryanair’s Chief Commercial Officer, Jason McGuinness said:

“As Europe’s biggest and fastest-growing airline, Ryanair is delighted to announce that we are bringing Europe’s lowest fares to Sarajevo with the launch of over 20 weekly flights and 5 new routes from Summer ‘24. Ryanair’s exciting new routes to/from Sarajevo will connect Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital to key markets, including Belgium, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK – leading to substantial traffic and tourism growth thanks to Ryanair’s unbeatable low air fares.

We have worked closely with our partners at Sarajevo Airport, the Government of the Canton Sarajevo, the Ministry of Economy of the Canton Sarajevo, the Tourism Association of the Canton Sarajevo, and the Government of FBIH to launch these 5 new routes, and we hope to strengthen these relationships over time as we continue to work together to deliver further inbound tourism, connectivity, and low fares to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens/visitors.

For too long Sarajevo Airport traffic has been held back by high fare incumbent airlines such as Turkish, Austrian, and Wizz. This era of high fares ends with the arrival of Ryanair’s low fares. Ryanair plans to grow its fleet to 800 aircraft and its traffic to 300M passengers over the next decade and we believe that Bosnia and Herzegovina will be a key growth market for Ryanair’s low fares.”

Sarajevo Airport’s Managing Director, Alan Bajić said:

“The work, dedication and continuous effort that we invest in improving the quality of services that Sarajevo International Airport provides to its users have resulted in positive results and events like this. Our vision and mission, to be the leading airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina that is comparable with the best regional and European airports, is becoming more of a reality each day.

Personally, I believe that actions speak louder than words and believe in promoting the Airport through concrete results and successful projects. This is precisely the common thread that connects the members of the Sarajevo International Airport Management Board and its employees, in their efforts and dedicated work to achieve our shared vision.

Today, we want to present an example of these results to the public. Ryanair is now introducing direct flights from Sarajevo to 5 extremely attractive European destinations. Ryanair is connecting Sarajevo to London, Brussels, Milan, Gothenburg & Memmingen and in the process, providing Bosnia & Herzegovina with even greater tourism opportunities.

The successful implementation of this project is the result of the support of the Government of the Canton Sarajevo with the Ministry of Economy and Tourist Board of the Canton Sarajevo, who launched a Public Call which focused on stimulating the launch of strategic routes, with the aim of increasing the number of tourists in the Canton Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the support of the Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ministry of Transport and Communications of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Source: Ryanair

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