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Sunday, September 24, 2017

✈Bosnia and Herzegovina is popular travel destination from the USA

Map by New York Times

The New York Times article of most traveled destinations abroad by each state in the Union.Bosnia and Herzegovina came as number one destination traveled from following states: Iowa, Kentucky and Missouri.

Substantial number of people traveled to Bosnia and Herzegovina from following states: Arizona (second place), Vermont (second place), Idaho (third place),  North Dakota (fourth place) and New Hampshire (fifth place).

Bosnians make up the largest Eastern European group in Missouri. The Bosnian population is so prominent that St. Louis has a neighborhood called Little Bosnia. Immigration from Bosnia swelled during the early 1990's as refugees fled the war there.
The peak season for Bosnians traveling to their country of origin is July, which coincides with the anniversary of the Bosnian genocide of 1995 when over eight thousand Bosniaks were killed by the Serb Army (Vojska Republike Srpske ) and paramilitary units from Serbia.

“We have people who will go there to bury the remains of their loved ones, or to visit the graves of the massacre,” said Akif Cogo, president of the local nonprofit St. Louis Bosnians. The anniversary probably explains the high rankings of people traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina in neighboring states Iowa and Kentucky.

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