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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

✈Wizz Air is recording great bookings on Tuzla flights!

Tuzla International Airport is recording record number of passengers using the airport, with new flights by Wizz Air introduced last week of the March. Wizz Air has position itself as the Bosnian “domestic” air carrier offering the most destinations and seats than any other airline serving Bosnia and Herzegovina. Wizz Air has a base at Tuzla International Airport with two Airbus 320 aircraft stationed at the airport. Four years ago, Wizz Air entered Bosnian market with only two destination: Malmo and Basel. Malmo-Tuzla flights started on 31.05.2013. with two weekly flights. Flights to Basel followed on June 15. 2013. Flights were very popular and Wizz air reacted by adding flights from Gothenburg on 17.06.2013. In the year 2014 the airline started flights from Dortmund on 19.06.2014, following with Eindhoven on 22.06.2014. In the year 2015, Wizz air expended its operation at the airport by basing one Airbus 320 aircraft at Tuzla Int. Airport. Ever since Wizz Air has continued to expand its network and offer more destinations and seats from Tuzla making it very popular destination in Wizz Air network. Currently Wizz Air is serving 16 destinations from Tuzla and one destination from Sarajevo. This year Wizz Air is offering around 650.000 seats on its flights to and from two Bosnian airports. Next year we can expect destination network from Sarajevo to grow, while Tuzla could see more weekly flights on current destinations. Most popular destination from Tuzla is Malmo in Sweden. Currently flights to the Swedish city are offered at four times per week, from next month the number of weekly flights will grow to five weekly. New destinations that will need some time to develop are Bratislava and London-Luton, but even these routes have average cabin load factor over 70%. 

Wizz Air and Tuzla Airport passengers for May 2017 (May 01-10)

Source: Flying Bosnian


Anonymous said...

Will Wizz launch mor routes from Sarajevo this year?

Anonymous said...

No they will not, as Sarajevo want too much money for a small airport