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Monday, August 21, 2017

✈Tuzla airport is finishing a terminal for fuel storage

Besides the expansion and reconstruction of the existing capacities of  Tuzla International Airport, another project is being realized. A customs terminal for storage of airplane fuel, for which the airport got a license for supplying airlines and airplanes with Jet A1 fuel, is being built.
That is the centerpiece of the activities that the management of the airport, alongside the Government of the Tuzla Canton, began two years ago.
The customs terminal is necessary since the number of operations and the fuel consumption are increased. The construction of the terminal will cost the airport 1 million BAM and will place the airport among those that are supplying airline companies with cheap fuel. The final phase will cost 338,000 BAM.  Tuzla Airport is financing the project from its own funds.
Review and control of the quality of the fuel will be conducted by the newly built laboratory at Tuzla International airport. All ecological norms set by the law will be followed and the fuel tanks will be placed on rubber surfaces.
The author of the project is the Institute for the Protection of Ecology and Education d.o.o Tuzla.

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