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Friday, February 10, 2017

✈ Sarajevo airport purchased most sophisticated aircraft towing equipment

Sarajevo International Airport successfully conducted a training of the airport staff for operation of a new tow truck for aircraft towing (tow-barless), type Goldhofer AST 3. This vehicle is capable of towing all types of aircraft up to 220t MTOW (from ERJ135 to B767) in a quick, flexible and cost-effective manner.  Goldhofer AST 3 is the most sophisticated model presently available at the market, designed for all aircraft movements: including pushback, extended pushback, towing of aircraft to the maintenance hangar, etc. In the future Sarajevo International Airport will continue to invest available resources into procurement of sophisticated equipment and training and education of its employees. Sarajevo Airport purchased one new tow truck at the price of 639.548 Bosnian marks or 327.000 Euros.

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