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Saturday, September 5, 2015

✈Government in talks with "imaginary" company from Germany over BH Airlines future.

Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina government is in talks with  "imaginary" company from Germany over BH Airlines future. According to Federal Minister of Transport and Communication, Amadeo Mandic “ solution to BH Airlines problems will be found, which will offer consumers a new and improved product. Company in question is MitteldeutscheTourismus Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH, the company was established on 05/12/2015. and is registered as a travel agency. According to German court in Jena the company is registered with capital of 25.000 euros. Company does not have phone number, email or a website. Tax payers of Bosnia and Herzegovina need to know all these facts and  the government is obligated to present all the facts, since BH Airlines is public company. In the past Air Bosna/BH Airlines was mostly company who was employing people who were close to the ruling party in Government, knowledge and qualifications for the job were never priority for the company. High paying jobs in the company in management as well as previous CEO's of the company were appointed to the position by ruling party in Government, even though they  did not have any  qualifications nor experience in managing an airline. One and only solution for the company at the moment is dissolution. Government showed us in the past 20 years that they are totally  incompetent to run an airline.  

Jos jedna obmana javnosti, u vijesti se kaze da se radi o avio kompaniji iz Njemacke! Zalosno je kakvo je ovo novonarstvo. Zar ti "novinari' nisu u stanju upitati gospodu iz Vlade o kojoj se to "avio kompaniji" iz Njemacke radi?
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