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Monday, September 14, 2015

✈Sarajevo Airport recorded profit in 2014

Sarajevo International Airport Photo by Kontrola letenja
-Sarajevo Airport has paid today five million Bosnian marks ($2.89 mil.US) in the budget of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

-  Sarajevo International Airport company assembly  has adopted a report on operations for last year , and the decision to pay out dividends from the profit. The airport made profit of 6.8 million Bosnian marks($3.93 mil. US) and from that amount, five million marks was paid to the budget of the Federal Government,  who is the owner of the airport - told director of the Sarajevo International Airport Ivan Veličan.
- This year the airport will record even higher profit due to increased passenger numbers and airline operations, particularly cargo operations concerning meat exports to Turkey, which goes regularly from Sarajevo Airport to Istanbul added Veličan.

Source: Fena

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