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Thursday, September 10, 2015

✈CEO of MDTEG:BH Airlines is company beyond repair

CEO of Mitteldeutsche Board Entwicklungsgesellschaft (MDTEG) Mr. Norbert Dotterweich told in an interview to Bosnian newspaper Oslobodjenje that BH Airlines is a company beyond repair, we should create a new company he said.
The CEO of German company Mitteldeutsche Board Entwicklungsgesellschaft confirmed talks with the Office of the Prime Minister of the Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina have started on July 10th of this year.
"Mitteldeutsche Board Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH for some time follows projects of establishing a regional air traffic in Southeast Europe. In the center of this project is the unification of the existing air routes and harmonization of the market through existing airlines in the region as well as coverage of regional traffic in accordance with the actual needs of the individual countries in the region. The aim of the talks with the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina was not take over of BH Airlines. According to Mr. Norbert Dotterweich, situation in BH Airlines is beyond repair. We are testing conditions for the establishment and development of the new company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with modified segments and a new strategic orientation. That is why the Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and we discussed various models in order to perform that, "said Dotterweich.
The plan, as explained by Mr. Dotterweich, is to create new national airline which will be 100% percent Daughter Company of MDTEG. Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be neither passive nor actively involved in the new company. For investors from MDTEG, it is important to possibly take over qualified work force from now defunct BH Airlines. Proposed model that was presented to the Government will integrate most of the workers from BH Airlines into new company.
MDTEG plans to start air traffic on 1 December 2015 with two aircraft (One Boeing 737-600 or 737-700 and Dash 8 Q300) stationed in Sarajevo.
"Air traffic will be first run under a European airline with the EU AOC (air operators certificate), which will in time be in possession of MDTEG. The new airline office in Bosnia and Herzegovina at first will be in charge of sales and management of  crew duties. After the successful implementation of the first stage of concept it is planned for the new company to get Bosnian AOC during 2016. "said Director MDTEG's.
 Mitteldeutsche Board Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH is a holding company that has investments in various European airlines and has plans to invest in new companies. The company is register in May of 2015, but the business activities of the company began in mid-2014. Current capital of Mitteldeutsche Board Entwicklungsgesellschaft amounts to 25 million euros.

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