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Monday, July 8, 2019

✈Sarajevo Airport statistics for June 2019

Very busy apron of Sarajevo Airport, photo by Kontrola letenja, June 2019

Sarajevo Airport has recorded incredible 28,18% passenger growth in June or an increase of 26.208 passengers compared to the same month of the last year. Year to date airport recorded 457.734 passengers, representing an increase of of 6,41% or 27.592 passengers more. July and August usually are the busiest months of the year for Sarajevo Airport, especially this year with 10 new routes introduced during month of June and increased frequencies on many existing routes. Sarajevo airport is expecting to handle around  380.000 passengers in July and August.

Source: Flying Bosnian and Sarajevo Airport

Sunday, July 7, 2019

✈Tuzla Airport statistics for June 2019

Tuzla Airport has recorded 11% passenger growth in June or an increase of 5.918 passengers compared to the same month of the last year. Year to date airport recorded 271.006 passengers, representing decrease of 1,5% or 4.363 passengers less. During the month of July, the airport should be able to add additional 10.000 passengers, recovering from the negative numbers from the beginning of the year. Second half of the year airport should record a growth of 5%. In winter timetable of flights Billund will stay at two weekly flights, compared to last year when the destination was downgraded to summer seasonal. With addition of Billund to winter schedule the airport will definitely go over 600.000 passengers for this year.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Monday, July 1, 2019

✈Flynas launches Jeddah-Sarajevo flights

Saudi Arabian low cost carrier Flynas introduced its second destination from Sarajevo today. City of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia will be served twice weekly from today until August 30, on board of Airbus 320 aircraft, offering 164 seats (8 business and 156 economy). Flynas Riyadh-Sarajevo flights  increased beginning today from 3 weekly flights to 5 weekly. With Jeddah flights Flynas  operates a total of 7 weekly flights from Sarajevo (5 weekly Riyadh and 2 weekly Jeddah) until the end of August. Flynas has competition from FlyBosnia on both routes. FlyBosnia operates daily flights to Riyadh and two weekly to Jeddah.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Friday, June 28, 2019

✈Wizz Air celebrates its fourth anniversary in Tuzla

Wizz Air, one of Europe's fastest growing airlines, celebrates its fourth anniversary in Tuzla. Since the launch of Wizz Air flights from Tuzla in June 2015, the airline has transported more than 2 million passengers from and to Tuzla Airport.
Wizz Air was one of the first airline companies to conduct commercial international flights from Tuzla and today it remains the only permanent airline at this airport.
From the first flight in June 2015, Wizz Air has continued investing in the Tuzla County and currently operates 15 routes to 6 countries from Tuzla International Airport.
Wizz Air destinations from Tuzla International Airport are:
Year-round destinations: Basel/Mulhouse, Berlin–Schönefeld, Cologne/Bonn, Dortmund, Eindhoven, Friedrichshafen, Gothenburg, Hahn, Malmö, Memmingen and Vienna
Seasonal destinations: Billund, Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Stockholm–Skavsta, and Växjö
In March 2017, the fleet of Wizzair aircraft at its Tuzla base increased to 2 Airbus 320 aircraft. Last year Wizz Air has transported 584.589 passengers to and from Tuzla , representing an increase of 9% from the year before. Apart from providing direct flights from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the rest of Europe, Wizz Air has also stimulated the local labor market in aviation, tourism and other related industries. Wizz Air employs more than 70 crew members and pilots in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Paulina Gosk, corporate communications manager at Wizz Air, said they were delighted to celebrate four years of successful business together with Tuzla International Airport.
We are proud to be pioneers of affordable travel by air in the region and contributions we make  to the local economies with our low airfare prices. The WIZZ mission has always been to enable air travel to as many people as possible, and thus stimulate aviation and tourism in the communities we serve - Gosk said.
Wizz Air is due to sign another 4 year agreement with Tuzla Airport in November of this year, if all necessary requirements are met by Tuzla Airport, Wizz Air is planning to increase its presence at Tuzla Airport by introduction of another Airbus 320 to three based aircraft at the airport and introduction of new destinations at the beginning of summer season of 2020.

Source: and Flying Bosnian

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


FlyBosnia A319 (E7-FBB) at Sarajevo Airport, photo by Kontrola letenja

Update on FlyBosnia summer timetable
FlyBosnia number of flights and available seats keeps raising as the airline is adding new destinations. Today, June 25, 2019. the airline has scheduled Bahrain flights, expending its route network to five destinations in Gulf countries. Fly Bosnia’s second Airbus A319 (registered E7-FBB) made its first commercial flight to Kuwait today, after receiving all necessary permits from Bosnian taxation agency. FlyBosnia appointed new CEO today, Mr. Tarik Bilalbegovic

About Tarik Bilalbegovic

Investment Banker, 15 years of experience, with a strong finance, quantitative and communication skills in structuring hotel real estate projects on behalf of owners (Marriott, Four Seasons, Accor, and other luxury brands valued at $2 billion in aggregate). Specific experience includes optimizing master plans viability and profitability through financial engineering, strategic repositioning, structuring management agreements, structuring 3rd party operator contracts, project financing and asset management.
Career started in Washington DC, United States, in 1999 and since 2010 based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mr. Bilabegovic was responsible in structuring first branded third party operating contracts in South East Europe, where Marriott hotels were opened in Sarajevo and now Accor Swissotel and Novotel are also in the works.  Mr. Bilalbegovic has a very strong hands on approach where its financial depth analysis is supported by extensive practical knowledge in doing what it takes to structure the deal in nascent emerging market.

FlyBosnia number of flights

FlyBosnia number of available seats

Sarajevo Airport, number of seats offered by country

Source: Flying Bosnian

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

✈FlyBosnia schedules Sarajevo-Bahrain flights

Bahrain Airport control tower

FlyBosnia opened bookings for Sarajevo-Bahrain Airport, flights. The flights will start on July 12th and operate once per week until September 13th. This is the first time Sarajevo and Bahrain will be connected with regular air service. Bahrain is Fly Bosnia’s fifth destination out of Sarajevo. During last two weeks FlyBosnia launched flights from Sarajevo to Riyadh, Gassim, Jeddah and Kuwait. The airline is planning European expansion during the month of August with flights to Paris, Rome and London. Ticket sales for European destinations should begin very soon.
Sarajevo-Bahrain flight schedule
Flight number
Flight times
Operating days
Valid from-to
6W 116
6W 117

FlyBosnia destination map

Source: Flying Bosnian

Friday, June 21, 2019

✈Norwegian launches Göteborg-Sarajevo flights

Norwegian Air Shuttle has introduced flights between capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Gothenburg in Sweden. Flights now operate once a week, every Friday, until 09.08.2019. This is Norwegian’s fourth destination from Sarajevo, in addition to Stockholm, which can be flown throughout the year, the airline offers summer seasonal flights to Oslo in Norway and Copenhagen in Denmark.

The introduction of flights from Gothenburg is very important for citizen of Bosnia and Herzegovina who live and work in Scandinavia, and for growing number of tourists from this part of the world visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: Flying Bosnian and Sarajevo Airport

Thursday, June 13, 2019

✈Aegean Airlines launches Athens-Sarajevo flights

Aegean Airlines, largest Greek airline and Star Alliance member, introduced new summer seasonal flights from Athens to Sarajevo. Two weekly flights now operate on Thursday and Saturday, from 13 June. until September 14, 2019. connecting two capitals for the first time. The flights offer possibility of connections across Greek islands. In addition to the domestic Greek connections, there is also the possibility of numerous connections for Cyprus and the Middle East and North African cities.
Aegean Airlines will use 78-seat DH4 aircraft, offering economy class configurations and full service during the flight, which includes free food and drinks.

The new line will surely contribute to the development of tourism and business connections between Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the continued growth of passenger traffic, which Sarajevo International Airport continuously records year after year.

Aegean Airlines, a member of Star Alliance, is the largest Greek airline offering flights to 151 destinations (31 domestic and 120 international) to 44 countries, with a fleet of 61 aircraft.
In 2018, the group recorded 14 million passengers on its flights. Thanks to the business approach in which the traveler has a central place, Aegean has so far won numerous awards for its services. In 2018, Aegean Airlines signed an agreement with Airbus to buy 42 new A320neo aircraft and plans an additional order.

Source: Sarajevo Airport

✈FlyBosnia launches Sarajevo-Gassim flights

FlyBosnia has launched its second destination in Saudi Arabia, Gassim Airport is served once per week, offering direct flights between two cities for the first time. Photos from inaugural flights (Photos by FlyBosnia Instagram and Twitter)

Source: FlyBosnia (Instagram and Twitter)

✈EUROCONTROL is satisfied with performance of Bosnia and Herzegovina

From January to April 2019 there were 101,868 flights in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an increase of 13.1% compared to the same period in2018, according to a letter that EUROCONTROL`s Director General Mr Eamon Brennan sent to the BHDCA`s Acting Director General Mr Željko Travar, in which he updated the news on the specific performance of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the European context for the first quarter of 2019.
Out of this number, the number of flights controlled by BHANSA was 11,344 ( 7,9% more than in the same period of 2018), the letter says.
During this period, Brennan said, there were no delays for BHANSA (compared to 32 minutes in the same period last year).
According to the latest EUROCONTROL`s forecast, air traffic growth in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 5,3% in 2019 and 4.6% in 2020.
“I would like to thank you and your staff for your continued support to our activities”, Mr Brennan said, emphasizing that Bosnia and Herzegovina was one of the first EUROCONTROLMember States to finalise its 2018 LSSIP reporting process.
“Congratulations on the Single Sky Award for the South East Common Sky lnitiative Free Route Airspace (SECSI FRA), which is an impressive project, really demonstrating how neighbours can work together to create cross-border free route airspace”, concluded Mr Brennan in a letter sent to Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate for Civil Aviation.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

✈Sarajevo Airport statistics for May 2019

Photo by Sarajevo Airport
Sarajevo Airport recorded 74.178 passengers going through its doors in May, representing a decrease of 8,45% on last year. The number of aircraft movements stood at 1.049, down 3,76% when compared to the same month of the last year. Year to date Sarajevo Airport recorded 338.529 passengers, an increase of just 0,41% compared to the same time of last year. During the month of May  Islamic holly month of Ramadan was observed when traveling is very minimal, causing Sarajevo Airport numbers to go down.

Source: Flying Bosnian and Sarajevo Airport   

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

✈Intervju sa- Aerodrom Sarajevo

Photo by Kontrola letenja

Kratak intervju sa Sanjom Bagarić-Arnaut,
Stručnom suradnicom za odnose s javnošću
Sektor upravljanja sistemima Medjunarodnog aerodroma Sarajevo

Postovana gospodjo Bagaric, pretrazivao sam po internetu plan ili maketu novog (prosirenog) terminala  i nisam uspio nigdje naci informaciju, kao ni skicu o novom objektu (kao jedne cjeline). Naime, interesuje me "air side" zgrade, da li je u planu instalacija jos dva avio mosta uz dodatna dva (znaci, totalno cetiri)?
·Ovim proširenjem terminalne zgrade dobićemo još jedan novi aviomost i imat ćemo ukupno tri.

Ako ste u mogucnosti da mi proslijedite render kako bi to sve trebalo izgledati?
·Nažalost, samo je urađen render prednje fasade novoprojektovanog proširenja terminala, koji vam ovom prilikom šaljemo.

Kada zgrada bude kompletirana koliko ce ukupno imati gate-ova?
·Prošireni dio objekta terminalne zgrade će imati 5 novih gate-ova, a to znači da ćemo ukupno imati 10.

Sto se tice stajanke, mislim da sa sirenjem FlyBosnie stajanka postaje premala i kakvi su planovi po tom pitanju, i kad mozemo ocekivati prosirenje iste, i ako imate informaciju, za koliko dodatnih avio pozicija ce biti prosirena?
·Nije planirano da imamo više parking pozicija za zrakoplove u ovoj fazi proširenja od postojećih 11.

Predpostavljam da imate inside informaciju sto se tice letova FlyBosnie za europskim destinacijama, kad bi se mogle ocekivati prve destinacije ka Europi i koje destinacije su u planu, predpostavljam da su vec zatrazili vremena polijetanja i slijetanja od aerodroma?
·FlyBosnia prema trenutnom redu letenja leti ka bliskoistočnim destinacijama: Jeddah, Kuwait City, Riyadh, Gassim. U svojoj floti trenutno imaju dva zrakoplova, te kako i sami najavljuju planiraju nabavku još zrakoplova. Od ranije su najavili i letove prema europskim destinacijama, ali te informacije je ipak najbolje provjeriti izravno sa ovom aviokompanijom.

Kad mozemo ocekivati zavrsetak radova na prosirenju terminala i mozemo li ocekivati da aerodrom produzi vrijeme rada na 24 sata dnevno, barem u ljetnim mjesecima, jer po mojim racunicama i broju raspolozivih sjedista cak je moguce da se dostigne i cifra od 200.000 putnika u augustu?
·Realizacija projekta dogradnje i modernizacije Terminala B na Međunarodnom aerodromu Sarajevo, koja je počela krajem  prošle godine, odvija se planiranom dinamikom.Radovi se obavljaju i u noćnim satima, posebno kada je riječ o bučnim aktivnostima, čije bi izvođenje tijekom dana predstavljalo smetnju putnicima i zaposlenicima.Riječ o izuzetno zahtjevnim radovima, posebice jer se isti odvijaju pokraj postojećeg objekta koji je u punoj upotrebi, te koji koristi postojeću infrastrukuru - komunalnu, vodovodnu, elektrodistribuciju, a predviđenim radovima sve instalacije je nužno izmjestiti i u konačnici povezati u novu cjelinu.Unatoč navedenim ograničenjima, poduzete su sve mjere da radovi ne utiču na normalno odvijajanje zračnog prometa, iako će u određenim fazama bitno usložniti posao za zaposlenike MAS-a, posebice kada su u pitanju zaposlenici sortirnice. S obzirom na manju pauzu u odvijanju radova, rok za završetak radova je produžen za jedan mjesec, te je njihovo okončanje sada predviđeno za kraj  2020. godine. Ovim projektom doći će do proširenja prostornih i operativnih kapaciteta Terminala B za dodatnih 10.000 m2 na četiri etaže (S, P, I i II sprat), dodatnih 12 šaltera za registraciju putnika, kao i do povećanja broja izlaza, proširenja prostora glavnog hola, prostora za preuzimanje prtljaga, KDZ kontrole, DFS-a, komercijalne zone, te VIP salona..

·Kada je u pitanju radno vrijeme Međunarodnog aerodroma Sarajevo, ono je prilagođeno redu letenja, odnosno  potražnjom aviokompanija za obavljanje letova 24 sata dnevno .Ovisi i o spremnosti drugih institucija koje također djeluju na svakoj zračnoj luci. Da bi aerodrom radio 24 sata, potreban je mnogo veći broj zaposlenika GPBiH,Carinika, kontrolora letenja...
U dosadašnjoj praksi redovnim aviokompanijama je uvijek bilo omogućeno razumno kašnjenje. Veoma često se izvan propisanog radnog vremena obavljaju letovi u medicinske svrhe. Jedan od faktora koji utječu na radno vrijeme aerodroma je i poštivanje zakona o zaštiti od buke prema kojima je dozvoljena razine buke zrakoplova u noćnim satima znatno niža nego tijekom dana.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Monday, June 3, 2019

✈Eurowings launches Berlin-Sarajevo flights

Eurowing has launched its third destination from Germany, Berlin (Tegel Airport) from today is connected with Sarajevo with two flights per week operating on Mondays and Fridays, increasing to three weekly on June 30. Third weekly flight will operate on Sundays.

Flight schedule Berlin (TXL)-Sarajevo (SJJ)

Source: Flying Bosnian (photos by Sarajevo Airport) 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

✈Flynas launches Riyadh-Sarajevo flights

First Flynas flight from Riyadh  has landed at Sarajevo International Airport today. An Airbus 320-214 with registration VP-CXQ operated first flight, with flights time of 4h:45 minutes. The inaugural flight was completely sold out with 164 passengers on board. On arrival passengers were greater by Sarajevo Airport stuff and handed white roses as a welcome gesture to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Arrival of Inaugural flight at Sarajevo Airport, photos by 


Source: Flying Bosnian

✈Tuzla Airport statistics for May 2019

Tuzla Airport (inside of new terminal)
Tuzla Airport has recorded 6% passenger growth in May or an increase of 3.054 passengers compared to the same month of the last year. Year to date airport recorded 211.014 passengers, representing decrease of 5% or 10.646 passengers less. Next two months the airport should be able to add additional 10.000 passengers, recovering from the negative numbers from the beginning of the year. Second half of the year airport should record a growth of 5%, finishing the year with 600.000 passengers.

Source: Flying Bosnian

Friday, May 31, 2019

✈Flynas is increasing Riyadh-Sarajevo flights

Due to very good bookings and high demand for the flights, flynas has decided to increase Riyadh-Sarajevo flights from three weekly to five weekly. Five weekly flights will run from July 1st to August 30, during month of June the airline will operate three weekly flights. Yesterday flynas announced two weekly flights from Jeddah to Sarajevo, but most likely these flights will get a boost in coming weeks.

Flynas Riyadh-Sarajevo flight schedule

Source: Flying Bosnian

Thursday, May 30, 2019

✈ UPDATE:Sarajevo Airport Summer 2019 flight schedule

Changes in Summer schedule 2019 (last update 5/31/2019)

-On May 15. 2019. FlyBosnia has received all necessary permits from Saudi CAA to start flights from Sarajevo to Riyadh. FlyBosnia will operate daily flights Sarajevo-Riyadh beginning June 3. Flights are scheduled to run whole summer season until October 28. Total of 106 round trip flights are scheduled, offering 29.256 seats in both directions.

-May 22, 2019, FlyBosnia added second destination in Saudi Arabia, Gassim Airport will be served once weekly from June 11 to August 27, offering 3.312 seats in both directions.

-May 27, 2019, FlyBosnia added third destination in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah Airport will be served once weekly from June 15 to August 31, offering a total of 24 flights in both directions with 3.312 seats on sale.

-FlyBosnia first scheduled destinations from Sarajevo is Kuwait City. Flights are scheduled to start on June 4th with three weekly flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

-Eurowings is adding new service from Berlin Tegel Airport to Sarajevo, from June 03.2019, this route will be served twice a week, increasing to three per week from June 30 to September 01 on board of Germanwings Airbus A319 aircraft. During summer timetable Eurowings will operate a total of 106 flights in both directions offering 15.264 seats.

-Flynas will introduce summer seasonal flights between Riyadh and Sarajevo. Flights will operate from June 2nd to August 30th, three times a week, on Wed,Fri and Sun, with Airbus 320 offering 164 seats (8 in business and 156 in economy class).

-May 30, 2019 flynas added two more weekly flights from Riyadh to Sarajevo,  for a total of five weekly flights in July and August.

-May 30, 2019, flynas added its second destination from Saudi Arabia to Sarajevo, Jeddah Airport will be served twice weekly from July 01 to August 30, offering a total of 36 flights in both directions with 5.904 seats on sale.

-Aegean Airlines will introduce summer seasonal two weekly flights from Athens t,o Sarajevo. Flights will operate from June 13 to September 14 with Dash 8-Q400 aircraft (operated by Olympic Air), offering 78 seats. Total of 56 flights are scheduled offering 4.368 seats in both directions.

-Norwegian Air is reducing its service from Oslo to Sarajevo. This summer season Norwegian Air will operate a total of 31 flights in each direction (62 flights in total) offering 11.718 seats. Last year Norwegian operated a total of 70 flights between two cities, offering 13.230 seats in both directions. At first airline decided to discontinue the route altogether but after a plea from Bosnian Embassy in Norway the airline decided to restart service as summer seasonal from May 25 to October 26.

-Norwegian is introducing new one weekly summer seasonal service from Gothenburg to Sarajevo, airline’s second destination in Sweden after Stockholm Arlanda which is served on year-round basis. Gothenburg-Sarajevo flights will run from June 21 to August 9. Total of 8 flights in each direction are scheduled offering 3.024 seats on board of Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

-Scandinavian Airlines is discontinuing its short-lived service from Copenhagen. Last year SAS operated a total of 28 flights between two cities, offering 4.384 seats in both directions.

-Swiss International Airlines is reducing its service from Zurich to Sarajevo from three weekly flights to two weekly. Last year Swiss operated a total of 186 flights between two cities. This year Swiss will operate a total of 118 flights offering 14.750 seats, compared to last years 23.250, a decrease of 36,5% or 8.500 seats less.

-Turkish Airlines is increasing its service from Istanbul New Airport to Sarajevo from 18 weekly flights to 3 daily (21 weekly flights). Last year during Summer flight schedule Turkish Airlines operated a total of 1.100 flights between Istanbul and Sarajevo, the airline offered 181.500 seats. This year Turkish Airlines will operate a total of 1.268 flights offering 202.920 seats. Upcoming summer season will see flight increase of 15,2% or 168 flights more. Number of available seats will see increase of 11,8% or 21.420 seats more
-Turkish Airlines will significantly increase charter flights from Sarajevo to Antalya. In Summer of 2019 the airline will offer up to eight weekly flights from Sarajevo to Antalya. Flights will operate daily from May 31 until September 21, twice daily on Thursdays. Total of 114 round trip flights are on offer with 37.620 available seats, representing an increase of 103% compared to the last year when the airline operated a total of 56 round trip flights, offering 18.480 seats in both directions.
-Air Arabia will increase its service from Sharjah in United Arab Emirates to Sarajevo from last year’s 210 flights to 286 flights this year, representing an increase of 36,1%. Number of available seats will increase from last years 34.020 seats to 46.332.

-Flydubai will decrees number of flights when compared to the same time of last year. Last year in Summer timetable Flydubai operated a total of 714 flights between Dubai and Sarajevo, offering 124.236 seats. In upcoming summer schedule Flydubai will operate a total of 664 flights, representing a decrease of 7,0%. Number of available seats decreased from last year’s 124.236 to this year’s 115.536

-Tunisair will introduce one weekly scheduled charter service from Monastir in Tunisia on board of its Boeing 737-600 with capacity to seat 126 passengers in all economy class configuration. Flights will operate on Mondays from June 10 to September 09. Total of 28 flights will be operated offering 3.528 seats in both directions
-Tunisair Express will connect one more destination in Tunisia, Tunis will be connected with Sarajevo with one weekly charter flight operated by Tunisair Express CRJ-900 from June 18 to September 10. Total of 10 round-trip flights are scheduled offering 880 seats in each direction (1.760 seats in total)

Source:Flying Bosnian