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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

✈Cargo flights from Banja Luka International Airport

Bosnia-Herzegovina has great potential in cargo air traffic due to country’s agriculture industry, which requires quick transport of perishable goods (fresh meats, eggs, flowers, fruits and vegetables). In December of 2014, Turkish MNG Airlines, was awarded tender to transport "Fresh Meat" by air from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Turkey, which requires special transportation conditions, such as sensitive temperature limits, palletizing etc. during its journey. Originally those flights were planed from Tuzla International Airport but according to Bosnia and Herzegovina Indirect Taxation Authority (Uprava za Indirektno oporezivanje BiH) airport didn’t meet required tax procedures to carry out such a large project. Instead project has been awarded to Banja Luka International Airport.

MNG Airlines Airbus 300 at Banja Luka airport, photo by Dusko Bunic

Bosnia and Herzegovina Indirect Taxation Authority has dedicated two airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina to carry out air transport of fresh meats: Sarajevo International Airport and Banja Luka International Airport.
Banja Luka airport will have huge benefit from cargo flights to Istanbul since airport has very limited passenger air traffic with one daily flight to Belgrade on board of Air Serbia ATR-72 with 66 seats. Load factor on flights to Belgrade is around 50%. Four weekly flights from Banja Luka to Zurich with B&H Airlines are uncertain due to financial state of B&H Airlines. Banja Luka airport depends on government subsidies to stay in business.


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