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Thursday, December 21, 2017

✈Government to allocate 5,8 Million Euros for airports

The Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has approved transfer of funds from the 2017 budget, in the amount of 11,4 million Bosnian Marks (BAM) or 5,8 million Euros , for the improvement of air transport infrastructure in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Federal Ministry of Transport and Communications will oversee distribution of funds to the assigned projects at three Bosnian airports (Mostar, Tuzla and Bihac). At the beginning of the year government allocated 6 million Bosnian marks for the above-mentioned airports. At today’s session government has decided to increase funds for each airport, with new approved funds airports will get 11,4 million Bosnian Marks for the improvement of airports infrastructure and subventions of new air services. Funds are collected through departing passengers at Sarajevo Airport. Each departing passenger from Sarajevo Airport pays 20 BAM tax for aviation development in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the past, these funds were used to finance BH Airlines. Since BH Airlines ceased operation the government is using collected funds for development of Tuzla, Mostar and Bihac airports. This year around 450.000 passengers departed Sarajevo Airport, contributing around 9 million Bosnian Marks to the air transport improvement fund.

According to Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina funds will be distributed as follows:

New (Increased) funds
Tuzla Airport
Mostar Airport
Bihac Airport

Note: 1BAM (Bosnian Mark) = 0,51 EURO/ 2 million BAM=1.022.000 EUR

Bihac Airport will receive 4.000.000 BAM. Additional resources are intended for the real estate expropriation - the expansion of the land for the airport to extend the runway.

Tuzla Airport will receive 3.570.000 BAM. Additional funds will be used for capital investments for the reconstruction and upgrading of the passenger terminal building - Phase2 - 1.154.580 BAM, for the construction of a customs warehouse for aviation fuel 269.000 BAM and for the purchase of the equipment (mower and snowmobile tractors in the amount of 576.420 BAM).

Mostar Airport will receive 3.570.000 BAM. Majority of funds 2.570.000 BAM will be used for airport upgrades while 1.000.000 BAM will be used to subsidize the launch of Croatia Airlines flights from Mostar to Zagreb.

Source: Flying Bosnian and Vlada FBiH

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