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Monday, December 11, 2017

✈FlyBosnia has submitted a request for Bosnian AOC

After last week announcement about the newly founded airline company FlyBosnia (owned by Al Shiddi Group), we tried to find out more information about the plans of the company. We contacted Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation (BHDCA) for more information.
Spokesman for Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation, Mr. Aleksandar Lalovic confirmed to the portal that FlyBosnia has submitted a Request for Air Operator Certificates.

"The Directorate for Civil Aviation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BHDCA) received the Request for Air Operator Certificate from FlyBosnia on November 13, 2017. According to the law of Bosnia and Herzegovina, BHDCA will carry out an analysis of the submitted documentation and an assessment of the company for meeting the conditions for obtaining Air Operator Certificate (AOC) ", confirmed Lalovic.

We also learn that Haris Čoloman, a former manager of Bosnian Wand Airlines, was appointed as a company director, who forwarded all our questions to the company’s official PR agency, Foto Art.The PR agency issued following statement:

"We will organize a press conference, presenting FlyBosnia to the public in more detail. At this moment we can confirm that FlyBosnia is a company that wants to connect Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina with the rest of the world. Since the company is registering and developing business plans in accordance with Bosnian aviation law, we are not able to provide any more information now. We can confirm that FlyBosnia is recruiting new cabin crew members (through employment agency On FlyBosnia website, which is under construction, you will have the opportunity to find out more information soon" the PR agency said.


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