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Saturday, July 4, 2015

✈Sarajevo airport traffic statistic for June

Sarajevo International Airport June 2015.
Photo by Kontrola letenja
Sarajevo Airport handled a total of 74.855 passengers in June, comparing it to the same month last year airport recorded slight decrease of 0,16% or 121 passengers less. The main reason for under performance is the Holy month of Ramadan, when traveling is very minimal due to religious fasting. The airport has recorded a sharp increase in cargo handled.  The cargo increase is fueled with two weekly cargo flights by Turkish Airlines, transporting fresh meat and meat products from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Turkey. Cargo flights are operated with an Airbus 330 freighter aircraft. In coming months, Sarajevo Airport is expecting double digit growth due to a great amount of charter flights to Turkey, and an increased number of flights to Dubai, Oslo, Cologne, Stockholm and Stuttgart. The end of month of Ramadan usually brings great amount of tourist from Turkey and Gulf countries to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Year to date airport handled total of 351.943 an increase of 9,83%.
Projected number of passengers in coming months:
July –88.000
August- 98.000
Source: FlyingBosnian and Sarajevo International Airport

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Anonymous said...

Too bad the number flopped a bit in June, but hopefully we´ll manage to reach 800 000 by the end of the year :)