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Friday, May 22, 2015

✈Turkish Airlines cargo flights from Sarajevo Airport

Turkish Airlines Airbus 330-200F (TC-JOU) at Sarajevo International Airport
Photos by Sarajevo International Airport

Sarajevo International Airport has welcomed today first of sixty planned cargo flights by Turkish Airlines. Flights are scheduled to operate twice weekly with wide body Airbus 330. Planned flights will export about 3.600 tons of fresh meat and meat products to Turkey. This is the first of many economic cooperation agreed between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Turkey, addressed by the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erddogan during his recent official visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Flight schedule:
TK6745 IST-SJJ 05:30-06:15 (Mondays and Fridays)
TK6746 SJJ-IST 09:05-12:05 (Mondays and Fridays
Source:FlyingBosnian and Sarajevo International Airport  

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Anonymous said...

Ovo mora da je i prvi put u historiji, da ovoliki avion, A332, pocne letiti redovne linije za SJJ