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Friday, May 8, 2015

✈Croatia Airlines on charter flights from Mostar to Beirut

This year Croatia Airlines is the only airline providing direct charter flights between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Beirut. In the past years Lebanese national air carrier Middle East Airlines (MEA) was operating service from Beirut to Sarajevo once per week on board of an Airbus 321 from April to October. Last year Croatia Airlines did couple of flights between Mostar and Beirut making it much more appealing and easier for passengers from Lebanon to reach final destination Medjugorje, which is only 30 minutes’ drive from Mostar Airport. This year Croatia Airlines will fly the route once per week until end of October using Airbus 320 with 174 seats.


Flight schedule:

OU 2500
OU 2501

*Flight arrives in Beirut on Friday
Distance between Mostar and Beirut is 1.856 KM and it takes about 3 hours of flying.

Source: FlyingBosnian

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Anonymous said...

Ja mislim da ce MEA nastaviti sa leovima za Sarajevo, a i web stranica Beirut Airport pokazuje Sarajevo kao destinaciju!