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Sunday, June 5, 2016

✈ UAE Ambassador to B&H is anouncing more flights from UAE to B&H

United Arab Emirates ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina in an interview to Bosnian newspaper  Avaz has announced more direct flights from United Arab Emirates to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Newly appointed ambassador of United Arab Emirates to Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Saker Naser Ahmed Abdullah Alraisija presented his credentials to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Chairman Mr. Bakir Izetbegovic. During the meeting ambassador of United Arab Emirates said that there is a great interest of investors from his country to invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly in the fields of tourism, transport, infrastructure, telecommunications, metal and food industry.
- United Arab Emirates has very good relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina and its present in Bosnia since 1993, we had a strong role in helping our friends here during aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina - said in a statement Ambassador Alraisija.
Speaking about the priorities of his term of office in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that this will be a further strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries.
- My order a priority will be to strengthen investment and increase the number of tourists coming from my country. As you know, a large number of our citizens who come to Bosnia and Herzegovina, and at the same time there is also a lot of investors, so we are delighted that we have developed friendly relations - said the Ambassador.
On the question of how to improve relations and increase the number of tourists and investors from the rich Arab countries, Araisija replies that this has a number of ways.
- One of them is to sign several bilateral agreements between the two countries, such as the one on air communication, which means allow more direct flights. In the following days we will work to establish more direct flights between the United Arab Emirates and Bosnia and Herzegovina , which will increase the number of tourists in your country, and the number of investors - said Araisija.
Planned meetings

The newly appointed ambassador, after the official meeting with Izetbegovic, will hold meetings with Chairman of the Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdic and Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak, with whom will talk about these issues.

Currently two airlines fly between United Arab Emirates and Bosnia and Herzegovina
FlyDubai Dubai (DXB) - Sarajevo (SJJ) 4x per week (two daily flights from June 19 to September 19)
Air Arabia Sharjah (SHJ) - Sarajevo (SJJ) 3x per week (one daily flight from June 20 to October 15)
During months of July, August and September, United Arab Emirates is taking second positions with the most flights and seats offered from Sarajevo International Airport, right after Turkey. With such huge demand for flights from UAE to Sarajevo, in the near future we could see Emirates Airlines starting direct flights from Dubai to Sarajevo!

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