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Monday, October 5, 2015

✈Chest Airlines will offer air taxi and panoramic flights

Nick de Borst, a young pilot from the Netherlands who was looking for a job, with help of his father and his friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina came up with the idea to start an air taxi company offering fast and reliable connection between Bosnian cities as well as neighboring countries for business travelers.
 Chest Airlines info
Chest Airlines is a company that began its work three months ago with headquarters in Zivinice. In an exclusive interview with Nick de Borst, CEO Chest Airlines says that it is a small company that allows people to fly across the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and other countries in the region.

"Because of bad roads and high mountains, travel by car, especially for business people is very time consuming. Therefore, we realize that the best and fastest way to travel was in the air. Travelling by car from Tuzla to Sarajevo takes about two hours, while traveling by plane takes less than thirty minutes, "explains de Borst  and how he got the idea to start this business in our country.
Nick de Borst Chest Airlines CEO

 "The goal is to provide cost-effective travel, a solution that helps you organize your valuable time at very good pricing and making travel experience pleasant. Chest Airlines is a charter company that lets users book a flight according to their wishes and needs at the time and place that best suits the client. Flights can easily be booked online or by phone.
In addition to Air Taxi, our company offers tourist panoramic flights over Bosnia and Herzegovina. This type of flight usually takes thirty minutes to an hour, and the most popular sightseeing tours that will be offered over Sarajevo and Tuzla. Chest Airlines has two employees at the office in Zivinice and several external consultants who are responsible for airport operations says de Borst.
 The company currently owns one aircraft registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina Cessna 177RG (E7-VIP) which is just perfect for this kind of service. Cessna has four seats and can carry up to three passengers. Talking about plans for the future, de Borst says that they definitely planned to become a stable company that will eventually expand and develop. "Bosnia and Herzegovina has a lot of opportunities to develop such types of services and we hope that our ideas about the expansion of the company realizes in the near future. We are in process of obtaining all necessary licenses for the smooth operation and we will start with flights very soon” noted de Burst.
Chest Airlines Cessna 177RG E7-VIP
Panoramic sightseeing flights



30 minutes
250 KM/€130
60 minutes
400 KM/€200
30 minutes
350 KM/€180
60 minutes
500 KM/€250

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