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Thursday, June 11, 2015

✈Underserved markets from Sarajevo

According to airline network news analysis (anna-aero) underserved markets from Sarajevo are:

Malmö (MMX)

Malmö is a multicultural city where more than 150 languages are spoken among the inhabitants. The largest nationalities represented come from ex-Yugoslavia or the countries formed thereafter. Statistically, about 58.000 inhabitants with this background lives in Skåne (statistics cover persons born in Y or ex-Y or born in Sweden by two parents from Y or exY, third generation and persons with parents of different nationalities are not included).
Many people travelling to Sarajevo travel by road. By only looking at the flown passengers MMX has a potential of 11.000 one way PAX annually to Sarajevo.

Budapest (BUD)
Brussels (BRU)

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Izgleda da su ukinuti čarteri za Egipat u junu!?