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Thursday, June 8, 2017

✈Tuzla-London Luton statistics for 2017

Tuzla- London Luton Airport (LTN) flights are slowly showing increase in passengers as summer months are approaching. During month of April a total of 2.443 passengers traveled between two airports, representing best month so far. Wizz Air inaugurated flights from Tuzla to London Luton on October 31. 2016. Flights were operated twice weekly until the end of December, when flights were reduced to once per week due to low bookings. Twice weekly flights were reintroduced back again at the end of March. Tuzla-London Luton is the only air link between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the UK, but due to visa requirements for holders of Bosnian passports  and very long and expensive process to obtain UK visa travel to the UK and Ireland is still very low. European Union has abolished visas for holders of Bosnian passports in December of 2010 except the UK and Ireland. Wizz Air is expecting solid bookings for the summer season with mostly British tourists visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Bosnians living in the UK. 

Source: Flying Bosnian and UK CAA


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