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Monday, November 16, 2015

✈Fly Dubai is increasing flights from Dubai to Sarajevo

As of January 23. 2016. Fly Dubai will add one more weekly flight from Dubai to Sarajevo (total of three weekly flights). Fourth weekly flight will be added March 30. 2016.  From June 23. 2016. to September 14. 2016. flights will be operated daily. Fly Dubai started with just two weekly flights and gradually increasing to almost daily last summer season, recording record number of passengers using the flights. Flights are catering to rapidly increasing number of tourist from Gulf countries visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as business travelers. Flights are very popular with Bosnians living in Australia connecting on Emirates flights in Dubai. Huge demand for this flights has prompted Qatar Airways to consider starting its own flights to Sarajevo in summer of 2016. So far, no official announcement has been made by Qatar Airways but it is expected that flights will commence during 2016. Flights to Doha most likely will have a stop in Skopje. Qatar Airways practice with flights to Balkans is to start with two weekly flights with a stop as they did with Zagreb flights going via Budapest, until demand was there to fly direct Doha-Zagreb. Flight to Belgrade still operate via Sofia. Hopefully Qatar Airways will have rights to sell tickets between Skopje and Sarajevo which would be great addition to Sarajevo Airport destination network.

Dubai-Sarajevo-Dubai daily flights 23/06/16 to 14/09/16

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